Patrolling, a tactic used by the military, has varying types and objectives. Regardless of whether it is combat patrol, recon or another mission, preparation and planning are needed beforehand. What may seem routine or even a stationary patrol task could change within seconds and require a swift reaction.

According to military patrol leader training materials from the Marines portal website, patrols are “sent out by a larger unit” to accomplish missions of varying types. The same training documents mention combat patrols: assigned to engage in combat – and recon patrols: assigned to collect information. There are other names for patrols that are classified by the servicemembers’ positioning – whether they are on foot, vehicle, aircraft, etc. Additionally, there are various roles assigned to different individuals during patrol.

Patrolling requires organization, knowledge of roles and security. Whether gathering information or seeking and engaging the enemy, it is important to keep your situational awareness up. These skills can be practiced right within your training room.

Military Patrol Simulation Training for Military

How VirTra Helps Train for Military Patrol & Military Patrol Leaders

VirTra’s military scenarios offer branching options to keep recruits on their toes. Each scenario is complex and will unfold based on the service member’s actions, or as a result of the instructor’s choice. Afterwards, a detailed after-action report (AAR) can be reviewed by the instructor and trainee to pinpoint where things went successfully or where certain tactics could be improved.

The military patrol training video below shows students being fired upon within a simulation where they are returning to base from patrol. They had to quickly load their weapons and retaliate within moments of realizing the threat was present – accurately depicting how quickly situations can change.

Military Patrol Training Simulator Options for Servicemembers

Obtaining the Right System for Your Cadre

Whether it is an immersive 5-screen V-300® or an extended V-ST PRO® built for marksmanship training, there is an option available for any type of training your team wants to focus on. Besides patrol, there are scenarios for active threats, green on blue events, traffic checkpoints and much more.

If your focus is on marksmanship, there are several ways ranges can be customized to suit your needs and challenge trainees. Not only can the targets and objectives be selected from a wide range of options, but even weather conditions, wind and time of day can be adjusted.

Soldiers and warfighters can train using their own duty weapon to maximize skill transfer. Drop-in recoil kits and CO2 magazines are non-permanent and provide realistic recoil within the simulation. From the M4 to the G36, there are rifle kits and magazines that replace your bolt carrier within minutes.

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