Immersive Training Technology

Meets Quality Curriculum

One of the most important aspects of law enforcement simulation training is the quality of the content. V-VICTA®—Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy—delivers the only nationally certified simulation curriculum for law enforcement training for FREE with every simulator sold. The curriculum is developed exclusively with nationally recognized partnerships and is designed to teach, train, test and sustain both inside and out of the police training simulation. This all-in-one training solution provides the Trainer all the necessary tools to instill proper training and knowledge transfer to its students.

Each set of curriculum includes pre-tests, post-tests, rubric, powerpoint, student handout, relevant case law, and the scenarios that allign to practice what the student has learned in application. The after-action reports provide every possible training point instructors need to incorporate into their training sessions. VirTra integrates leading human behavior science-based discoveries about simulation and adult learning into each material to maximize the effects of training time and skill transfer.

  • Autism Awareness

  • Tourniquet Application

  • Dog Encounter

  • Duty to Intervene

  • Mental Illness Training

Save Time and Money

And Receive a Higher Standard of Training

The IADLEST National Certification Program™ for POST Certification sets the national training standards for curriculum certification across 36 states. Each course is critically reviewed by members of IADLEST and has passed the rigors of their independent review process, saving instructors time and money from creating their own coursework.

VirTra is the ONLY  simulation company with evidence-based law enforcement de-escalation training curriculum that’s been nationally certified by an independent third-party.

V-VI™—VirTra’s Virtual Instructor— for ease of use! This is a leap forward in instructor resources that ensures trainers are getting the most out of scenarios and the V-VICTA curriculum. With a click of the mouse, a VirTra Instructor appears on screen or audible and walks through the corresponding scenario, pointing out key elements and training points. These train the trainer scenarios are designed to help trainers consolidate training pain points and instill confidence in knowing training needs are met and consistent from student to student and year over year.

The Benefits of V-VICTA

Saving You Time and Money

Newly Released Curriculum

Nationally Recognized Partnerships

VirTra has partnered with nationally-recognized experts in their respective industries to create new evidence-based law enforcement training curriculum programs and scenarios. Through the help and insight of our partners, VirTra is able to develop the most up-to-date curriculum and communication tactics for officers everywhere.

Partners include: Haley Strategic, National Sheriffs Association, Force Science, VISTELAR and Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC).

Dr. Bill Lewinski Testimonial

Dr. Bill Lewinski

Force Science

Partnering with VirTra, with their advanced training simulators, will allow us to apply human factors research in a way that effectively combines physical, cognitive and perceptual training and testing. This combination will be vital to developing and maintaining the knowledge, judgment and skills transfer our law enforcement needs.