Advanced Trainer Certification Course (ATCC)

Become a Training Expert

ATCC is a 40-hour high-demand ‘train the trainer’ course hosted at VirTra’s HQ in Chandler, AZ. It teaches best practices and concepts on how to train effectively and maximize training time in VirTra simulators. Subject matter experts will walk you through the expansive usage capabilities of your simulator. This advanced, fast-paced law enforcement certification course is for current VirTra customers with a minimum of 6 months of experience operating a VirTra simulator.

ATCC includes “The Science of Simulation Training” and “Advanced Operations.” Students will learn the VirTra Marksmanship programs, troubleshooting common issues, V-VICTA® best practices, V-Author® scenario authoring, and more.

Upcoming courses for 2024 include:

  • Monday, May 20 -- Friday, May 24
  • Monday, August 26 -- Friday, August 30
  • Monday, November 18 -- Friday, November 22

VirTra Master Class

Beyond the Basics of Simulator Operation

The VirTra Master Class is a two-day onsite training course aimed at enhancing the skills of VirTra simulator instructors and operators. The approach emphasizes maximizing training time, ensuring consistency, and leveraging the strengths of the VirTra training system. Although instructor-led, a substantial portion of the training involves students creating and running practice events, with the instructor available for guidance and evaluation. The course places a strong emphasis on debriefs conducted by both the class and instructor to foster the development of advanced training skills.

V-Author® Simulation Training

Learn to Create your Own Scenarios

A two-day course designed to teach participants how to quickly and efficiently produce geo-specific, single incident simulation training content. Attendees learn how to process images, assign material parameters and insert and program real-life characters to perform specific behaviors and respond to the use of force. Contact your sales representative for registration details.


VirTra In-House Experts

Jeff Knaup – VirTra Training Manager & Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert

Jeff spent over 30 years with the Phoenix Police Department, 13 of those years as a sniper for the SWAT team. His career also included 9.5 years as a Gang Squad Detective and another 1.5 years as a Robbery Detective. Jeff is a certified AZPOST instructor to include handgun and rifle instructor certifications. Jeff was also the lead instructor for the 40-hour Tactical SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) course.  Prior to his law enforcement career, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Knowing how valuable training is, and often times how difficult it is to obtain, Jeff came out of retirement to continue to assist others to get the very best training available.


T.J. Alioto – Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert

Salvatore “T.J.” Alioto spent 20 years in law enforcement with the Wauwatosa Police Department, ranking as a Lieutenant prior to retiring in 2015. Born in Milwaukee, he taught several law enforcement courses in his hometown and became a lead police academy instructor. Using his 27 years of experience in designing and presenting coursework and curriculum for police officers, T.J. relocated to Arizona and became a Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert for VirTra. T.J.’s creation of training scenarios is based off of his years of experience in law enforcement along with his desire to pass along essential skills to new officers. Believing that students learn better through experience rather than reading a textbook, T.J. works hard to ensure that VirTra’s scenarios elicit the intended responses from trainees and can be adapted to every department’s policies.


Lon Bartel – Principle Researcher

Lon Bartel is the Principal Researcher for VirTra. With over 20 years of law enforcement training experience, he focuses on enhancing officer and trainer performance. Lon is recognized as a subject matter expert in firearms and defensive tactics by the State of Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.). He is a founding member and lifetime advisor of the Arizona Tactical Officers Association (ATOA) and an internationally certified instructor with the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST). Lon earned his Master’s in Applied Exercise Science from Concordia University-Chicago and his Bachelor’s from Arizona State University. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an emphasis on Performance Psychology.

ATCC Attendee

August, 2019

Extremely vital information to alter existing training methods. Information was well-organized and was made easy to understand. Data and resources cited were great, will help get command staff on board with new training ideologies.