Military Combat Simulation Program Training

Military Simulation Training That Advances Performance

VirTra provides advanced combat training systems to best prepare the military for real-life incidents, allowing servicemembers to better protect our country and return home safely. Each military combat simulation program contains real-world scenarios, state-of-the-art marksmanship, and the ability to author unique scenarios, custom courses of fire and military weapons qualification courses.

Video scenarios are filmed in superior quality, contain the full fidelity of real actors and are scripted by subject matter experts. Scenarios can be paired with our patented technologies to inspire critical thinking, elicit emotion and immerse your team in a stress-inducing environment. The V-Marksmanship® software allows for best-in-the-industry ballistically accurate training on a variety of targets, courses and military simulation training scenarios.

These abilities—and more—are why VirTra is the chosen defense simulation solution by the military, elite security forces, federal agencies, MOD, MOI and Contractors alike in 32 countries.

Military Training Scenarios

Training in Action

Military Checkpoint, Marksmanship, Weapons Training, Green on Blue, Combat Training and KLE are just a sample of VirTra’s military scenarios.

  • Traffic Checkpoint

  • Night Flare

  • Green on Blue

  • KLE

  • Conversion: Live to Simulator

Additional Military Combat Simulation Program Training

Scenarios Include

Military Simulation Training Scenarios

Extensive Military Combat Simulation Program Branching Options

VirTra has designed each military training scenario to be complex for maximum learning, cognitive load and skill-building. Each scenario has extensive branching options, allowing it to unfold based on the decisions made by the instructor or trainee. As such, instructors can train and/or test a team’s resilience and accuracy repeatedly and consistently.


Debrief / After-Action Review

After Action Reports are a critical element of any military training regimen. With VirTra, instructors have the ability to pause scenarios mid-scene or wait until the scenario is completed before reviewing the trainee’s performance. Instructors also have access to special debrief abilities—including overlaying actions on the scenario—such as the exact time and locations of shots. The ability to pull up the one-to-one ratio of a target and measure the accurate holdover and aim over entry maximizes training efficiency and effectiveness. 

Jason Grunwald Testimonial

Jason Grunwald

Commander of the United States Marshal Service

The V-300 shows how quickly judgment decisions have to be made, and if they are not made immediately and quickly, lives can be lost. You can’t put a dollar value on that or being prepared enough for the surprises that could be around every corner.