Skill Transfer

Real-World Survival Skills

The V-ST PRO® provides units with a superior military training simulations for high-fidelity 3D marksmanship, ballistics and environmentals training.

The V-Marksmanship® program allows for training on a wide variety of targets such as paper, metal, building, vehicles, Ivans and courses that are difficult to replicate elsewhere. VirTra’s patented technology allows your team to use their duty weapons with the addition of a recoil kit to increase immersion and skill transfer. The V-ST PRO supports up to 6 firing lanes per screen and can be combined to form up to 5 linked V-ST PROs. It is backed by independent third-parties who have verified the ballistic calculation out to 2,000M.

In regards to use of force training, the V-ST PRO is equipped with powerful, interactive scenarios. Each scenario is scripted from the combined knowledge of in-house subject matter experts and nationally-recognized industry partners to provide the best training possible. Scenarios are then filmed in real-world locations with professional actors and animals for full fidelity.

Programmed with these amenities and more, the V-ST PRO offers units a complete training experience.



Training in Action

Below is a carousel featuring a select few out of hundreds of scenarios. Watch trainees engage with a wide variety of scenarios:


  • Marksmanship Training

  • Maximize Practice Sessions

    The V-ST PRO is currently capable of replicating live fire and shooting distances up to 2,000M. Independently verified ballistics with greater than .07 milliradian accuracy.
  • Use Personal Firearms

    Upon the addition of a drop-in laser recoil kit, personal firearms can be used within the simulation. Accounts for: sight height, zero range, caliber, barrel twist and barrel length.


Real World Simulations

The immersive experience of the V-ST PRO portrays true-to-life situations taken from actual events. The VirTra difference lies with the training points and corresponding lessons built into the software. Each scenario is carefully crafted by our in-house subject matter experts— taken from case law and after-action reports— and are filmed on-location using professional actors. With each scenario’s extensive branching options, trainees are forced to keep their heads on a swivel as they watch the scenario unfold based on their interactions.



Hardware is Just Hardware.

The VirTra V-ST PRO MIL is a marksmanship training simulator. The powerful ballistics calculator, high-quality graphics and intense training environment ensures that time spent in the training simulator translates into effective warfighting skills.

  • Accurate ballistics calculator
  • Arsenal of recoil kits available for most firearms
  • Average of 85 in-depth branching options per scenario
  • Independently verified real world ballistics
  • Multiple range environments
  • Optional tablet for mobile ability
  • Optional 4K UHD projections 
  • Professionally-produced content
  • Structured scenario After Action Reporting
  • Unique weapons can be assigned up to 16 trainees


SrA Jesse Phillips Testimonial

SrA Jesse Phillips

United States Air Force

This system is what we’re using to help our security forces members as well as other base agencies gain more situational awareness in combat situations, as well as law enforcement situations.