Five Screen Wraparound Simulator

Training that Translates to Real World Survival Skills

Training harder and safer allows for improved judgmental decision-making and situational awareness. VirTra’s high-fidelity V-300® MIL provides a 300-degree intense, immersive training environment that teaches and sustains new and seasoned military personnel alike.

This solution provides numerous training modalities and helps military personnel and security officers train for the most stressful situations. This attributable, quantifiable training enables definitive conditioning and preparedness prior to facing real-world hostile conditions. The video scenario library is filled with a unique spectrum of situations that run from weapon manipulation drills and 3D marksmanship to battlefield engagements like ambushes, key leader engagement and use of force—effectively minimizing any deficiencies in a warfighter’s training.

Whether your unit requires a complete military training solution or needs to maintain critical skills, the V-300 is a perfect, versatile option.

V-300 Military Simulations

Watch the Training in Action

Key Leader Engagement, Traffic Control Checkpoint, Active Threat/Active Killer, Stop Time- Human Performance drill

  • Key Leader Engagement

  • Traffic Control Checkpoint

  • Active Threat / Active Killer

    VirTra's intense scenarios can require support team interactions, communication and response dynamics.
  • Situational Awareness

    A 300-degree simulator requires soldiers to keep their heads on a swivel, feet moving and take cover as they learn situational awareness.
  • Stop Time Drill


Real World Simulations

The V-300 immerses trainees in true-to-life situations based on actual events. What makes VirTra stand out are the training objectives and corresponding lessons built into the software, that allow for implementation of crawl-walk-run phases of military training. Each engaging scenario is equipped with extensive branching options that unfold depending on the trainee’s actions. Each video scenario is carefully crafted by our in-house subject matter experts—often based on after-action reports—and filmed on-location using professional actors. Due to each scenario’s extensive branching techniques, warfighters are forced to keep their heads on a swivel as they watch the scenario unfold based on their choices.


Hardware is Just Hardware

The V-300 MIL is a state-of-the-art decision-making simulation and firearms training simulator. The powerful, multi-screen technology and 300-degree immersive and intense training environment ensures that time spent in the training simulator translates into effective warfighting skills.

  • 5 screens, 300◦ simulator
  • Average of 85 in-depth branching options per scenario
  • Cultivates communication
  • Decrease reaction time
  • Extensive scenario branching options
  • Induces physiological responses
  • Professionally-produced content
  • Wide variety of recoil kits available for commonly deployed firearms
SrA Jesse Phillips Testimonial

SrA Jesse Phillips

United States Air Force

This system is what we’re using to help our security forces members as well as other base agencies gain more situational awareness in combat situations, as well as law enforcement situations.