Key Leader Engagement

Key Leader Engagement Training and Preparation

Key leader engagement is a tactic used by service members overseas, usually in an attempt to gain information from a local source. In unfamiliar territory, this is sometimes necessary. The information sought after can be about nearly anything – the surrounding area, a high-value target, etc. Some will interact with a key leader for the purpose of influencing their behavior.

Important guidelines in army key leader engagement training are effective communication and ensuring cover and safety in case things were to escalate in a dangerous manner. Sometimes there are barriers to effective communication that include language (usually a translator is present), culture, religion, and others. If negotiations or discussions are taking place in a non-secure area, troops may be caught off-guard by enemy militants.

VirTra's Key Leader Engagement Scenarios

Doing Key Leader Engagement Training Effectively in a Safe Environment

The best way to learn is by experience – that makes the concepts stick much better than reading them in a textbook or listening to an instructor’s lecture. VirTra has several KLE military scenarios designed for warfighters with countless branching options to resolution. One of them is aptly titled “Key Leader Engagement,” training that allows students to experience the event firsthand with many different branches possible.

The scenario in the video below shows service members interacting with an on-screen village elder. The scenario allows the student to prepare for key leader engagement training and conduct it with an on-screen translator while maintaining good cover tactics. Instructors can control the scenario and cause it to progress to a hostile situation where an armed high-value target appears.

Military Simulation Training

How VirTra Can Help Train Soldiers & Warfighters

Beyond key leader engagement, there are even more scenarios that can prepare military service members for combat, patrol, hostages, checkpoints, and much more. VirTra’s subject matter experts and their team of content developers work together to ensure trainees get the most out of their training.

VirTra also offers marksmanship programs with incredible ballistic accuracy, making it the perfect supplement to live-fire range practice. Instructors can choose from various environments and features to keep soldiers on their toes – controlling everything from the weather to the amount of sunlight. Combined with VirTra’s recoil kits and CO2 magazines, military members can keep their skills sharp by practicing on a virtual range using their own weapons.

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