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Welcome to the VirTra Family

We recognize your hard work in serving and protecting our communities. That is why VirTra created a specialized support team dedicated to providing answers, updates, and solutions to any emerging needs you may have. Our engineers, SMEs, training staff and service teams work hand-in-hand to ensure all feedback and concerns are handled quickly and expertly. 


VirTra Customer Service & Support

Together We Fix All

VirTra is dedicated to ensuring you and your department are making an impact on training every officer so they come home to their families every day. Keeping your simulator and accessories working and functional, no matter the issue, is our promise. Our service, support and success teams are larger than most because of our oath to keep your systems up and running.


Already A Customer?

VirTra makes every effort to ensure our training solutions provide one-of-a-kind experiences for your agency and that your team is prepared for the unexpected. We give you great training tools but you hold the ultimate gift of training- how, when, how often, which tools, and in which way. You asked us to be far more than a simulator manufacturer. You asked us to help you write the curriculums incorporating the use of the simulators and get them accredited with your state for CE credit and we listened with V-VICTA. 

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact support!

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