Drag-and-Drop Editing and Authoring

Customizable Training

The V-Author® program revolutionizes training by placing training in the hands of the instructors who know their specific needs and locations. These programs allow instructors to create and edit scenarios customized to their agency’s training objectives, thus providing more freedom and less limitation in training.


  • Drag & drop characters exactly where you want them

  • Expand your Scenario Options

    By creating your own scenarios with V-Author, you can train in environments and with characters specific to your training regimen. Your scenario options are not only custom, but options are almost endless.
  • Upload your own background image to set the scene

V-Author® Scenario Authoring Software

Create Your Own Scenarios and Drills

Instructors begin by uploading a panoramic image of a local courthouse, school, government building, etc. or one of the pre-loaded environments. After choosing the scene, instructors can drag-and-drop characters, props, visual effects and animated targets onto the environment.

Each V-Author character performs multiple actions and can be programmed to perform certain sequences when triggered by trainees, events, the instructor, etc. To maximize scenario training time, instructors also have the ability to edit VirTra’s pre-assembled, pre-loaded scenarios.

This easy-to-use application is capable of hundreds of thousands custom scenarios, targeting exercises and firearms courseware.



  • Create Your Own Scenarios: Upload panoramic images of high-risk locations or scenes of previous use of force incidents for personal customization.
  • Extensive Library: V-Author includes pre-loaded background assets, props, reactive targets, still targets and special effects for “plug-and-play” scenario building.
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Outcomes: Dependent on customizable assets, character reaction and trainee decisions.
  • Multiple Threats: Instructors with a V-180® or V-300® can program multiple threats to appear on multiple screens simultaneously.


OFC. Matt Austin Testimonial

OFC. Matt Austin

Omaha Police Department