Trade-In Program

Trade in Today & Receive Credit Towards a New VirTra System

How it Works

VirTra is making it easier to achieve modern, high-fidelity training simulators. Agencies can trade in ANY manufacturers single- or multi-screen firearms training simulator—no matter how outdated—and receive a discount on VirTra’s V-100®, V-180®, V-300® or V-ST PRO® training simulators.

To Receive Credit

Trade in ANY single-screen firearms training simulator and receive credit towards the purchase of a VirTra V-100, V-180, V-300 or V-ST PRO simulator. Also, you can trade in ANY multi-screen firearms training simulator and receive a credit towards the purchase of a VirTra V-180 or V-300 simulator.

NOTE: Limit one trade-in credit per purchase. Any shipping charges on the trade-in are the responsibility of the client

Upgrade Path

Investments Allow Future Growth

VirTra believes your investment in a simulator should be preserved and allow for future growth. Through VirTra’s Upgrade Path, your agency can start with a V-100 single screen and later upgrade to a V-ST PRO, V-180, or V-300.

Your Upgrade Options

With VirTra, Your Investment in Simulation Training Grows With You


Upgrade your V-100 to an immersive, three-screen 180-degree firearms training simulator. The V-180 provides trainees with a superior, realistic training environment designed to teach and sustain trainees and seasoned officers or military personnel alike. Increase the training experience with this higher standard for three-screen decision-making simulator.



Upgrade your V-100 or V-180 to a complete, five-screen 300-degree intense training environment. The V-300 is equipped with immersive, high-quality scenarios and multi-directional sound to immerse trainees in de-escalation and use of force situations. Maximize the training experience with this higher standard for five-screen decision-making simulator.

VirTra’s upgrade path is simple. Upon returning your V-100 or V-180, the cost will be subtracted from the more advanced multi-screen simulator. Better training has never been easier to achieve.


Note: To be eligible for an upgrade credit, all systems must be covered under a current VirTra service agreement.

Captain Jody Hayes Testimonial

Captain Jody Hayes

West Des Moines Police Department

We picked this system because of the realism. It’s about as realistic as you can possibly get.

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