One Screen

Powerful Portable Training

The V-100® LE judgmental use of force simulator provides agencies with a superior, realistic one screen simulation training environment. This small firearms and decision-making training simulator is designed to teach and sustain trainees and seasoned officers alike through professionally-produced scenarios filmed and edited specifically for VirTra’s simulators.

While the large screen and high-resolution video demand attention, the real training value stems from the attention to detail put into each scenario and event. Equipped with extensive branching options, each scenario unfolds depending on the instructor or trainee’s actions and communication. VirTra’s complete scenario library offers a wide variety of situations that run from weapons manipulation drills and marksmanship to use of force encounters—allowing your officers to train effectively and more efficiently.

The V-100 LE is also programmed with certified curriculum to supplement training both inside and out of the simulator. Whether your agency requires a complete training experience or advanced officer training, the V-100 is an effective, versatile and portable option.


Training in Action

Below is a carousel showcasing some of the many benefits and examples of VirTra’s V-100 shoot-don’t-shoot simulator:

  • Low Light Training

  • De-Escalation

    Apprehending and de-escalating a suspect is a difficult, yet crucial skill. Trainees can practice communication, CIT and de-escalation skills through highly detailed scenarios with an average of 85 branching options.
  • Marksmanship Training

  • Utilize the Whole Tool Belt

    VirTra's drop-in laser recoil kits and accessories allow trainees to utilize the whole spectrum of accessories, less-lethal and lethal options with scenarios.


Real World Simulations

The immersive experience of the V-100 portrays true-to-life situations taken from actual events. The VirTra difference lies with the training points and corresponding lessons built into the software. Each scenario is carefully crafted by our in-house subject matter experts—based on case law and after-action reports— and are filmed on-location using professional actors. With each scenario’s extensive branching options, trainees are forced to keep their heads on a swivel as they watch the scenario unfold based on their interactions.


Hardware is Just Hardware.

The VirTra V-100 is a state-of-the-art one-screen decision-making and firearms training simulator. The powerful technology and intense training environment ensures that time spent in the training simulator translates into real-world survival skills.

  • Average of 85 in-depth branching options per scenario
  • Extensive realistic scenario branching options
  • Induces physiological responses
  • Newly released V-VICTA® curriculum
  • Self-Diagnostics for a user-friendly experience
  • Structured scenario debriefing
  • Wide variety of recoil kits available for commonly deployed firearms
Todd Brophy Testimonial

Todd Brophy

Training Specialist and Use of Force Expert

What made us choose VirTra was the options it had that would enhance what we were currently doing. We saw there was a lot more application, more realism and opportunity to integrate some of the stuff we saw coming related to the force option from verbal de-escalation all the way through lethal force.

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