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Comprehensive Simulation Training Solutions for
Law Enforcement and Military

Our ultimate goal is to keep officers and military servicemembers safe so they can return home safely.

To do this, VirTra builds the most intense, immersive, and realistic simulation solutions so police and military personnel can prepare for the unexpected. We meticulously craft every scenario for maximum realism, with complex and extensive branching options so they can unfold entirely based on the user’s decisions. This approach encourages maximum learning, cognitive load, and skill-building.

Law Enforcement Simulation Training

What if law enforcement training was as tense, uncertain, and fast-evolving as the situations officers encounter on their watch? VirTra’s decision-making simulation training prepares officers for many of the real-life incidents with unmatched realism so they and the communities they serve will be safer.

We provide single and multi-screen simulators and extended reality goggles, less lethal, and lethal training tools designed for simulator use, certified curriculum, and scenario authoring software so first responders are well-trained with the same equipment they use on the job.

Military Simulation Training

VirTra’s military training simulations prepare members of the armed forces for many of the combat scenarios they will face in the field while encouraging top-notch marksmanship.

V-Marksmanship software allows for incredibly accurate ballistics training that is unrivaled in the industry. Adjust environmental factors, targets, perspectives, and add qualification courses to match your curriculum’s needs. It’s an excellent tool to develop and improve firearm manipulation skills in a safe environment.

VirTra Includes

Certified Training Curriculum

Every VirTra simulator ships with V-VICTA – an  independently-certified curriculum, made in collaboration with Law Enforcement experts to achieve training goals faster. Click here to learn more about our proven curriculum.


Simulators for Every Space

From the compact V-XR headset to the 5-screen V-300, chances are there is a VirTra Simulator for your organization’s space. Click here to configure your simulator, or get in touch with our team to find a solution that meets your needs.

Training Tools

VirTra’s systems come with a variety of accessories that make them the most realistic and comprehensive training experience available. Drop-in laser recoil kits, less-lethal tools, simulated consequence devices, and scenario-authoring software are just a few of the details that set VirTra apart from the rest. Click here for the full suite of VirTra tools.

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