Marksmanship Simulation for Military Firearms Training

Ballistically Accurate Marksmanship

The V-Marksmanship training mode is designed to enhance marksmanship in a simulated environment that directly improves target engagement effectiveness and efficiency in real world scenarios and situations. With accurate ballistics, customizable ranges and environments, and in-depth debrief capabilities, this training mode provides a capability that is safe and effective way to learn new skills and hone existing ones.

  • Marksmanship Simulation Training for Military Firearms Training

  • Prepare for All Conditions

    Customize the firing range from the weather conditions to the type of targets used. Soldiers and warfighters can face challenges similar to a live firing range, but while saving time and ammo.
  • Test Your Squad

    With accurate, independently verified ballistics, get detailed feedback on your shooting performance.

Military Firearms Training & Military Simulation Training

Third-Party Verified Ballistic Accuracy

The V-Marksmanship program for military firearms training is equipped with the most accurate ballistic calculator in the industry. This ballistic calculator mimics the real-world trajectory of a projectile based on the weapon specifications—sight height, barrel twist rate, barrel length, etc.—the projectile type and grain and the selected weather conditions.

Our marksmanship capabilities have been independently verified and tested for accuracy up to 2,500 meters within .08 milliradians—meaning the trainee never has to question the accuracy of the ballistics represented in the simulation and can focus on the intent of training that other marksmanship military range training simulators are unable to provide as effectively.

Additionally, VirTra’s marksmanship has complete perspective accuracy. A user may stand, crouch, or lay in a prone position without having to move or tilt their weapon to engage the target.

Customizable Military Ranges

Challenge and Prepare Servicemembers

Weapons – V-Marksmanship instructors/operators train and prepare individuals, teams, and squads with various weapons such as sidearm, rifle, machine gun, and crew serve in organizational and doctrinal tables of fire, advanced lessons, or weapons familiarity.

Targets – Instructor/operators customize ranges without restriction of the number, type, or location on the range to place steel, paper, or knock down targets, movers, and non-movers.

Environmental effects—wind direction and speed, weather, altitude, humidity, etc.—and other variables in a variety of distances to test and hone a warfighter’s skill. This training mode facilitates the development of firearm manipulation skills in a safe environment that otherwise could not be performed on a live fire range.

Measure Progress

Detailed Debrief Functionality

V-Marksmanship Instructor/Operators with their individuals training can collectively review the actions that were taken during the simulation and improve based on the result.

With TMaR – Trainee Monitoring and Recording – Instructors can track everything a soldier says and does, record reaction time, and pause/play the resulting footage. Following military firearms training simulation, it is possible to review footage for debrief of any given individual’s performance.