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Together We Fix All

We recognize your hard work in serving and protecting our communities. That is why VirTra created a specialized support team dedicated to providing answers, updates and solutions to any emerging needs you may have. Our engineers and training staff work hand-in-hand with service and support to ensure all feedback and concerns are handled quickly and expertly.

VirTra is dedicated to ensuring you and your unit are making an impact on training every servicemember. Keeping your simulator and accessories working and functional, no matter the issue, is our promise. Our service, support and success teams are larger than most because of our oath to keep your systems up and running.

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VirTra Resource Center – V-RC Portal

The V-RC Portal is a resource for VirTra customers to access information about their systems. This includes a discussion board, operation manuals, how-to videos, and specification documents. The V-RC is encrypted and each person signing up is vetted to ensure that they are a current VirTra customer. To gain access, click the button below and log in or sign up.

Captain James Halsey Testimonial

Captain James Halsey

Jail Division Commander, Douglas County Sheriff's Office

I’m certain your days are quite busy with the myriad of agencies you support, and I truly appreciate the fact that you devoted a great portion of your day today just to our agency – particularly since I called you out of the blue with no scheduled appointment.