One Screen

Powerful Portable Training

The V-100® MIL is a superior, realistic single screen portable training system. This virtual weapons trainer provides defense personnel, military personnel, contractors, and security alike the ability to train through professionally-produced scenarios, 3D marksmanship, and courseware designed for skill transfer.

While the large screen and high-resolution video draw attention, the V-100’s real training value stems from the attention to detail put into each scenario. Scenarios are equipped with realistic extensive branching options, allowing it to unfold depending on the instructor or participant’s choices. Instructors will find VirTra’s military scenario library filled with a wide variety of situations ranging from weapon manipulation drills to patrolling—allowing your unit to train effectively and efficiently in any environment.


Training in Action

Below is a carousel showcasing the benefits of VirTra simulations: 

  • True-to-Life Practice

    Instructors can select from a variety of environments, weather, wind speeds, shooting positions and more.
  • Train with a Purpose

    Multiple training points are integrated for objective-based learning.
  • Industry-Leading Features

    From durable drop-in laser recoil kits to professionally-produced scenarios, every piece of hardware, software and accessory is created by experienced SMEs who understand your training needs.


Hardware is Just Hardware.

The VirTra V-100 MIL is a state-of-the-art decision-making and firearms training simulator. The powerful technology and intense training environments help ensure effective warfighting skills.

  • 3D photorealistic Marksmanship courseware
  • Extensive realistic scenario branching options
  • High-fidelity ballistics and environmentals
  • Induces physiological responses
  • Optional tablet controller for added portability
  • Self-Diagnostics for a user-friendly experience
  • Structured scenario debriefing
  • Wide variety of recoil kits available for commonly deployed firearms
Todd Brophy Testimonial

Todd Brophy

Training Specialist and Use of Force Expert

What made us choose VirTra was the options it had that would enhance what we were currently doing. We saw there was a lot more application, more realism and opportunity to integrate some of the stuff we saw coming related to the force option from verbal de-escalation all the way through lethal force.