Traffic and Military Vehicle Checkpoint

Military Police Checkpoint Operations & Military Vehicle Checkpoint Procedures

Traffic Control Points (TCP), like their name suggests, are locations where military police control the traffic – but it is not just about telling drivers where to go and ensuring orderly flow. Soldiers and warfighters must maintain situational awareness during searches and in case of militant attacks.

A TCP can go by various different titles: vehicle checkpoint, random checkpoint, roadblocks and other names. They are established at specific areas on roads to direct and monitor the movement of vehicles and individuals. Vehicles must stop at the Army TCP and will receive varying degrees of consequences if they do not. If there is a threat to you, your squad or others in the area, deadly force is authorized.

Traffic Control Point Training for Military Servicemembers

How to Prepare for TCP Monitoring

There are many reasons for military soldiers and warfighters to train effectively for TCP operations. Situational awareness is imperative as events can evolve at any time. It is not always immediately clear when and if an approaching vehicle is a threat, and the threat can present itself rapidly at unsuspecting moments.

The scenario shown in the video below simulates a Traffic Control Checkpoint where a search suddenly escalates and an enemy militant opens fire on the student and their squad. This scenario allows trainees to understand how quickly situations can turn deadly and how to provide cover for fellow soldiers.

The Benefits of VirTra Simulation Training for Military Vehicle Checkpoint Procedures

How VirTra Can Train Your Cadre for Traffic Control Point Operations

VirTra’s scenarios are authored, filmed, and tested by in-house subject matter experts. This ensures that every simulated scenario that servicemembers go through is effective and provides training that is transferrable to the field.

Scenarios such as our military vehicle checkpoint procedures are not only realistic and displayed in high-definition video, but they have extensive branching options that allow them to unfold based on the trainee’s actions or instructor’s preference. Once completed, a detailed after-action review is possible that shows shot placement and the ability to pause scenarios mid-scene.

Army Traffic Control Points are just one of many tactics that warfighters can learn through VirTra’s military simulators. To learn more about how to train servicemembers to the highest level of preparedness, click the button below to speak to a specialist.