The situations that servicemembers encounter require bravery, courage, and strength. Protecting our country is no small feat and we are endlessly grateful for those who serve. We also value the importance of supporting and training those servicemembers so that they are prepared for the unique circumstances that they might face.

VirTra’s goal is to help servicemembers stay alive on the battlefield and be able to return home safely to their loved ones. That is why we developed our high-quality simulator scenarios, including military firearms training and more.


Prepared for Anything

We equip warfighters with true-to-life training that immerses them into a wide variety of scenarios so that they can be exposed to some of the situations that they will be found in.

One form of our simulator scenarios teaches the process of making decisions under stress. These include Active Threat/Active Killer, Roadside Bomber, Green on Blue, and more. These scenarios help servicemembers learn to react quickly and efficiently to a time-sensitive and stress inducing situation in order to keep themselves and bystanders as safe as possible.

Another form of training teaches situational awareness and keeping your head on a swivel in case something goes awry. These include Key Leader Engagement, Patrol, Vehicle/Traffic Control Checkpoint, and more. In situations where the pressure is high, being aware of your surroundings and the small movements of others is helpful training in the case that the situation takes a turn for the worse.

Another form of training we offer, is our V-Marksmanship® military firearms training program. With the ability to customize the environments (rain, wind, snow and more), the movement of the targets, and the targets themselves, trainees learn how to make the shot in any environment. The V-Marksmanship® technology is also equipped with the most accurate ballistic calculator in the industry. VirTra’s military firearms training is an excellent tool for servicemembers to train with their weapons in a safe environment.

VirTra’s military simulator training provides the ability to develop and practice skills in an environment where mistakes can be made and learned from safely so if the real thing happens, our warfighters are prepared and ready to take it on.

To learn more about our military firearms training and real-life scenarios, contact a VirTra specialist.