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Are you looking for a new way to train soldiers and warfighters using ballistically accurate technology? Whether it’s for new recruits or just keeping your squad up-to-date on their marksmanship skills, having a VirTra system available can cover all your training points.

Military Scenarios

Our military training partners train through specific tactical scenarios, honing important skills for everything from patrol to engagement. Even better is that all SME-reviewed scenarios are filmed with professional equipment, not created with unrealistic looking CGI.

Here are a few examples that cover a portion of the scenarios we offer:

Active Threat Training

When on the field, threats can happen quickly and action needs to be taken as soon as one is recognized. An active threat is defined as one where a populated area is being targeted with a goal to obtain casualties.

Whether the attacker’s method is a gun, explosive or some other tool, servicemembers must respond fast to minimize loss of life. The scenarios that follow this theme allow trainees to experience these tough events in a safe environment and be better equipped in case one was to happen in real life.

Green on Blue / Inside Attacks

An inside attack, sometimes called ‘green on blue,’ is often one that takes servicemembers by surprise. It is not easy to tell when an inside attack will happen if they are from a friendly or neutral force. In some cases, they occur due to enemy infiltration. Either way, their actions may not arouse suspicion at first.

VirTra’s aptly-named scenario “Green on Blue” allows warfighters to quickly react to an insurgent dressed as a friendly who begins to open fire. This requires quick action and well-placed shots. Like other scenarios, the instructor can trigger when the insurgent begins to fire.

Key Leader Engagement

When overseas and in unfamiliar territory, there are situations where a soldier may need to engage with locals for various reasons. Sometimes it is to influence behavior, and other times to gather intel.

The corresponding scenarios let servicemembers speak to a key leader by means of a translator. How this village elder and those around him respond are entirely up to the instructor. If they wish to challenge the trainee, a nearby insurgent may begin shooting.

Military Patrol

There are many different types of patrol and reasons behind them – from gathering information to finding and eliminating an enemy. In some military scenarios, they are taken by surprise when returning to base from patrol. In others, they are assigned to a task and have to deal with a hostile individual.

Traffic Control Checkpoints

During a seemingly routine task, one must never let their guard down. This is shown in our “Traffic Control Checkpoint” scenario where a search escalates and warfighters are tasked with eliminating the threat.

Along with situational awareness, trainees must know to provide cover for fellow servicemembers. As this scenario is just one example, many others involve an enemy shooting at more than just the student – because in real life, the attacker would want to ensure all who oppose them are struck.


Would you like to learn more about the benefits VirTra has for warfighters? Contact a product specialist to learn more about what we have to offer.

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