Posted on Nov. 1, 2021 by Niki Nelson

VirTra was shortlisted for the Army Technology Excellence Awards in the category “Firm of the Year – SME” on September 30, 2021. VirTra’s Subject Matter Experts are the foundation of how we provide effective training to law enforcement and military, so scoring a higher-than-average rating from Army Technology is an honor.

Army Technology determines award winners by panel review and chooses companies/individuals that have had a particularly innovative achievement over the past 12 months. SME is a sub-category under “Firms of the Year” which focuses on achievements by specific types of companies, as stated by Army Technology.

While some companies chose to submit a case study or other innovation, VirTra was added to the shortlist for consideration without making any submissions. Army Technology combs through hundreds of articles outside of official submissions for winners and analyzes more than 1,000 articles and case studies. The full list of shortlist award winners can be viewed here.

VirTra’s SME’s assist all aspects of our operations, from content and curriculum development to testing hardware. This is all to ensure law enforcement and military members will receive the most pertinent and effective simulation training. Coming from diverse backgrounds such as former Army soldiers, firearms instructors, etc., the SME team is the core of VirTra.

As this is the first year Army Technology has chosen VirTra to be on the shortlist, VirTra hopes to submit case studies, articles and impressive innovations over the years in the future to continue to increase awareness in the military market. We will also be anticipating the outcome of the actual winners, hoping to be included in the lineup. Army Technology has not listed a specific date on which the results will be revealed.

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