Posted on Jun. 11, 2024 by Christopher Dorch

VirTra Simulators – Foundation of the VirTra Ecosystem

If you read our blog, you already know VirTra simulators need no introduction. There is a reason that police and military units seeking the most realistic simulator training opt for a V-300. But did you know that each simulator, whether a V-300, V-ST Pro, down to the compact V-XR, only constitutes one part of a wider range of tools that together form an unmatched training experience? Keep reading for a breakdown of what each simulator accessory brings to the table.

Recoil Kits

Where VirTra’s range of simulators provides visual feedback for student officers, the range of recoil kits provides physical feedback. Research shows that in order to have maximum training retention, trainees must use the same equipment they would in the field. So VirTra builds recoil kits that slot into service weapons and replicate recoil while making the weapon simulator ready.

Less Lethal

By the same logic, VirTra simulators sport compatibility with the most common less lethal tools at law enforcement’s disposal. This includes OC spray, Taser® energy weapons, impact rounds and more. Branching scenarios even include different outcomes based on the use of force option that the trainee choses. Put simply, if there’s a tool that officers use on the job, then there’s a way to use it in the simulator.

Consequence Simulator

One factor that has long separated simulator training from the real deal is consequence. Officers must face countless hazards while on the job, whether it be return fire, dog bites, fire or any other potential injury. Simulator training cannot replicate this, right? While it may be impractical (and potentially unethical) to subject trainees to these consequences, VirTra’s V-Threat-Fire administers safe yet distracting painful stimuli. These electrical pulses give student officers immediate feedback during training.

Scenarios and V-Author

If the simulator, accessories and equipment make up half of the VirTra ecosystem, then the suite of training scenarios would be the other half. VirTra’s range of scenarios cover topics from crisis de-escalation to active shooter events to autism awareness. Need something a little more niche? V-Author unlocks all existing 3D assets and environments to let you drag and drop anything you need to bring your own scenario to life.

The VirTra Suite

All these tools come together to create the most realistic virtual training in the industry. Interested in learning more about VirTra’s suite of training tools and how they can help you upgrade your training? Click here to speak with a representative.

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