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The year 2020 was one that will not be forgotten anytime soon. From pandemics and working from home to police brutality and political battles, one thing everyone can agree upon is: Thank goodness this year is almost over.

Despite the ups and downs of the first year of a new decade, VirTra made some impressive strides beginning almost from day one. During complicated times, we know it is even more imperative than ever to support the law enforcement and military members who protect us.

Before we list off this year’s accomplishments, we humbly thank all of our employees, clients and shareholders who continue to make our annual growth possible. With your continued support, there is no doubt that VirTra will be a success in 2021 and beyond.

New Certified V-VICTA™ Curriculum

• 15-hour Mental Illness curriculum, including modules ranging from schizophrenia to suicidal ideation to depression or anxiety.
• VirTra releases 4-hour De-Escalation curriculum made in partnership with VISTELAR.
• Tourniquet Application Under Threat Pt. 2. The second part to the Tourniquet series discusses how to apply C-A-T and SOF-T tourniquets while under threat.
• Two-hour curriculum on Crisis-De-escalation.
• VirTra and SARRC partner to release 2-hour Autism Awareness curriculum.

New Immersive Scenarios and Marksmanship Courses

• Crowd Control training scenario – Allows officers to use various methods to control an angry crowd of protestors.
• Autism Awareness Interactive Training – A thorough instructive scenario designed to help officers practice interacting with individuals on the autism spectrum.
• Candy Bar Caper Scenario – Tests the instruction from the Autism Awareness curriculum.
• New courses of fire – Pistol and rifle marksmanship courses from one of our own Military customers. Features day and night marksmanship courses.

New Products Launched

• VOS™ software version 5.0 featuring the ProTimer and 4K UHD enablement.
• New recoil kits, magazines and training weapons:
o G17 Recoil Kit
o G17/22 Standard and Fundamental Skills Magazines
o M4 Advanced Skills Magazine
o M4 Non-Gun (training rifle)
o MP5 Recoil Kit and Standard Magazine

New Contracts Awarded

• VirTra received a $1.1M order through a new distributor in Europe.
• VirTra awarded $1.9M portion of the ADMIRE contract.
• VirTra receives $863K order from ongoing customer U.S. Customs & Border Protection.
• VirTra was awarded a $1.6M IDIQ contract from the DoS for the Republic of Mexico.
• VirTra receives $1.5M order from FLETC.

Trade Shows Attended

• Attended SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas, showing the portable V-100® simulator and various training recoil kits and magazines.
• VirTra attends the virtual IACP 2020 with focus on V-VICTA, Ultra High Definition 4K simulators and the V-DTS (driver training simulator).
• VirTra sponsors ILET 2020.
• VirTra attends the virtual International Association of Chief of Police (IACP) 2020 with focus on V-VICTA, Ultra High Definition 4K simulators and the V-DTS.
• VirTra attends vIITSEC 2020 – the virtual version of I/ITSEC.

Top Media Publications

• VirTra’s Director of Training, Lon Bartel, featured on Newsmax
• Police simulator uses real weapons, tense scenarios. Interview with VirTra CEO, Bob Ferris
• VirTra CEO Bob Ferris authored an article on American City & County
• Police1 article about VirTra’s Autism Awareness curriculum
• Police1 article discussing a plea from police activists: lawmakers should walk a simulated mile in officers’ shoes

Other Notable Achievements

• VirTra announced a new Board of Directors member, John Givens.
• VirTra launched a new, dynamic, video-based website which won numerous industry awards.

VirTra has been lucky and remains grateful to continue the necessary growth that allows effective training to be available to as many law enforcement officers and military personnel as possible. Next year we hope to bring even more to those who serve our communities.

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