Posted on May. 27, 2020 by Niki Nelson

After more than a year of designing, strategizing and creating, VirTra’s newly redesigned website went live February 2020. With the help of Ultra Design Agency and the VirTra Marketing Department, the website now reflects a key message to our clients: seeing is believing.

With the incredible visual experience and video-based presentation, the site is not just ‘all talk.’ VirTra worked to incorporate a client-centric and user-friendly website that also featured engaging graphics and user-triggered animations. Beginning in the home page, content is customized to each individual’s needs.

In May, the winners of the Stevie Awards 18th Annual American Business Awards were announced after a three-month judging process. VirTra won a Bronze Stevie Award in the “Achievement in Web Design” category and received a lot of praise from the judges. Some anonymous comments left by ten judges – who are professionals in their field – include:

“Exciting! Immersive! Dramatic! Audience-focused! Valuable!”

“VirTra did an excellent job in presenting the redesign of their website. The complete strategic overview did an excellent job of the problem and the objective to achieve results.”

“Great engaging website that is very user friendly.”

Despite the success, VirTra is not finished yet. There are plans for a “phase two” of the redesign which will include the addition of new features such as 3D videos and first-person encounters.

While this was a company-wide effort, the following professionals deserve special recognition for turning an older, unengaging site into a dynamic, client focused experience:

• Emily Hatch, Marketing Communications Specialist at VirTra
• Miranda Fuller, Director of Marketing at VirTra
• Jake Olmos, Multimedia Specialist at VirTra
• Jay Henry, President and CEO of Ultra Design Agency

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