VirTra has a presence in all corners of the United States, but we also have an international presence in 40 countries. Just recently, our newest addition is a distributor located in Spain that provides federal law enforcement with effective training tools. There are three separate locations across Spain that are receiving training with VirTra simulators and hardware.

Over the past several years, some European countries have sent out RFPs for simulation training solutions but noticed when vetting them that many of the responding companies were unable to deliver the features that they claimed they had. The latest tender had a clause that any capability claimed by a company that seemed ‘questionable’ must be proven within one week in Europe. If a company was caught lying about their capabilities, they would be blacklisted as all information is public.

VirTra was able to establish a presence in Spain while proving that we can handle large requests by having the capabilities we promise. Because of the addition of the clause in the final tender, VirTra was the only company to submit a proposal as other companies were worried of the threat that their response, if deceptive, would become public information.

An article published within the same month as the purchase has detailed the obtainment and uses of the simulators arriving within the next few months. The order includes V-ST PRO® simulators with 4K capabilities, V-Author® scenario authoring software, Threat-Fire® consequence devices, Axon® TASER® training cartridges and more.

Expanding our presence worldwide and helping other countries like Spain help VirTra further reach our goal of providing life-saving training to law enforcement – and training doesn’t have borders. The training content on our simulators is available in French, Spanish and Arabic so overseas clients can benefit from the same tools as our officers at home. Additionally, content can be localized in any language as needed.

If you want to learn more about the products mentioned in the article or how we can help international clients, contact us.

VirTra’s V-ST PRO® firing range simulator is an excellent marksmanship tool for police departments worldwide. It’s V-Marksmanship® program is a highly effective tool for training and maintaining law enforcement marksmanship. (While the V-Marksmanship program is equipped on all simulators, this article focuses on the abilities of the V-ST PRO’s V-Marksmanship program.) Here are a few ways VirTra’s firing simulator provides a superior training experience and helps supplement training in a traditional firing range:

Customizable Ranges/Variables

The V-Marksmanship program allows instructors to use pre-designed environments and add an unlimited number of targets, environmental affects—wind direction and speed, weather, etc.— and other variables in a variety of distances to test and hone an officer’s skill.

Training after this manner allows instructors to test in multiple situations; something that is not able to be duplicated on the range. For instance, a certain day at the range may offer 80 degrees with a 5mph wind coming from the north and 30% humidity. This is the only variable an officer will train on that day. But with a simulator, instructors can change the variables drastically for every single shot.

Customizable Targets

Traditional firing ranges offer minimal variables for marksmanship training. For example, targets on ranges often are only able to “move” along motorized wires, track systems or are attached to robotic systems. While these options are certainly better than standard stationary targets, it could be more.

The V-Marksmanship program allows targets to be programmed to move front to back, left to right or in a box shape—and at different speeds. Now when officers stand in front of the V-ST PRO, they can engage in a training situation that would not be possible in the field.

Accurate Ballistics Calculator

Going into the V-Marksmanship technology, the program is equipped with an accurate ballistics calculator. This ballistics calculator duplicates the speed, trajectory and aim based on the type of weapon fired and the selected weather conditions. Furthermore, it is independently verified up to 2,500 meters with .02 milliradians accuracy—thus providing a powerful training that other marksmanship training simulator programs cannot provide.

Realistic Firing Experience

While the simulator, programs and technology are excellent, training is taken to the next level with the officer’s weapons. VirTra offers multiple weapon options to best fit the department’s needs:

Recoil Kit— The drop-in laser recoil kit is just as it sounds. This kit is dropped into an officer’s duty weapon and outfitted with a laser, allowing it to interact with the simulator.
CO2 Magazine— As for the CO2 magazine, this provides realistic recoil as the officer pulls the trigger. Instructors can choose to outfit their trainee’s weapons with the just the recoil kit, or the recoil kit plus the magazine for added realism.
Non-Guns— VirTra also offers non-guns, which mitigate real weapons being brought into the training environment. For maximum realism, each non-gun tool has replicated the shape and weight of the weapon it represents: the Glock 17/22 will look, feel and act like a Glock 17/22.

VirTra’s firing range simulators and accessories are much more customizable and powerful than any traditional firing range, making them an ideal supplement for officer marksmanship training. With a wide variety of pre-programmed and customizable environments, variables and weapons, this program can take marksmanship training to the next level. Learn more by contacting a VirTra specialist.

By: Meghann Myers, October 4, 2016 (Photo Credit: Reza A. Marvashti for Defense News)

By: Meghann Myers, October 4, 2016 (Photo Credit: Reza A. Marvashti for Defense News)

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There are plenty of virtual reality trainers out there for shooting practice, but none of them get the same reaction as VirTra’s.

“Holy s—, that’s real,” soldiers say when they test out the system’s CO2-loaded weapons, according to James Peters, regional director of international business development.

Two of the company’s simulators were on display at the annual Association of the United States Army Conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

The V-ST Pro is a marksmanship range with ballistic accuracy within hundredths of a millimeter, Peters told Army Times. The CO2 cartridges act more like live ammunition than the compressed air canisters used in most virtual training, reacting to environmental changes the way a real weapon would.

There are about a dozen possible environments loaded into the system, with hundreds of combinations of weather and altitude, as well as 175 different sizes and shapes of targets.

Users can wield pistols or rifles, and rather than stand stationary, the simulator allows a soldier to move around shooting any angle, including with one cheek pressed against the screen.

For full AUSA 2016 coverage:

“It’s the closest you can get to a real live-fire range without the expensive cost of ammunition,” said Ryan Bray, a regional sales manager.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command already has one, Bray said, and they’ve gotten interest from the military police school at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, as well.

VirtTra also brought along the V-300 simulator, a 300-degree immersive trainer that recreates active shooter or other combat situations. The user wears a hip pack that delivers a small electric shock if he gets shot.

The systems cost upward of $100,000 with the software, CO2 cartridges, CO2 recharger, projectors and screens.