One thing can always be counted on: there is nothing constant but change. One change that has come to many law enforcement agencies is the switch between iron sights and red dot sight (RDS) optics for pistols. There can be a learning curve like there is with acquiring any new skill – but VirTra provides solutions to help overcome the nuances.

If you have a VirTra simulator, you can access the “Red Dot Optics Training and Sustainment” course. This NCP-certified curriculum has 21 accompanying training drills. It was created in conjunction with Victory First® utilizing Aimpoint® red dot optics. The goal is to allow officers to learn skills in the simulator, then practice on the range with minimal transfer time.

One of the ways officers have gotten to practice both in a VirTra simulator and on the range is through the recent Action Target Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC). VirTra’s Subject Matter Expert Mike Clark taught the Red Dot course to several members of law enforcement. Those who completed the course received a certificate as well as new knowledge to bring back to their agencies.


The Effects of a Smooth Transition

An agency that is about to switch out their iron sights for RDS is Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Sgt. Micah Evans took Mike Clark’s Red Dot course in preparation for the change. Sgt. Evans and his colleagues currently utilize the simulator at Utah Attorney General’s Office.

“The simulator drills help get the officers dialed into using the optic,” said Sgt. Evans, referring to how training in the simulator helped his performance on the range. “The transition to live fire using the same drills really helped get the officers familiar with the optic.” While no training can imitate real-life ballistics with 100% accuracy, VirTra gets close with accuracy up to 2,500 meters within .02 milliradians.


Hands-On vs. Classroom Training

It is common to hear people say they are visual learners. Many say that they learn better by doing rather than listening to a lecture. Practicing the motor skills is far more engaging than reading about it in a textbook or listening to a presentation. It also helps acquire the skills as well as learning the difference between RDS and iron sights.

The Red Dot Optics course at LETC allowed attendees the experience of having an indoor classroom with pre-tests, indoor simulator sessions, then going to the live fire range to apply the knowledge learned.

When asked if the style of training completed in the LETC Red Dot Optics course was something he would continue to practice, Sgt. Evans stated that it is a style he attempts to do with officers whenever they train. “I am a strong believer in situational based training over flat range and class room,” said Sgt. Evans. “Using the combination that this program offers is exactly the type combined training I strive to provide to my officers.”


Action Target LETC Red Dot Range Training


Certified Coursework

As mentioned above, the course is NCP-certified – but what does that mean for you? VirTra ensures its V-VICTA® courses (such as Red Dot Optics Training and Sustainment) are certified by IADLEST to ensure quality of content. NCP certification is recognized by POST in 36 states, allowing officers who complete the courses to receive continuing education credit.

This type of coursework allows learning to be done beyond just listening to an instructor verbally explain a topic. Students practice and are tested using the VirTra simulator while learning topics based on case law and real after-action reports. Courses being pre-certified saves time for instructors. Normally approvals would be needed, coursework would need reviewing…and it would have to be written! Just one hour of curriculum saves an instructor 65 hours of research, preparation, writing, reviewing, and approving.

Red Dot Optic Training and Sustainment is much more than just a lecture or repetitive range drill. It contains 21 drills to test the student on what they have learned – plus accurate debrief sessions that follow. It only takes a second to pull in the target so you can see the point of aim over point of impact and repeat!


VirTra highly recommends situational-based training as it prepares trainees and officers for the real world better than any lecture could. If your agency is switching to red dot optics and interested in practicing the skills in a simulator, contact a product specialist.

Since 1962, every May on the week of the 15th we celebrate National Police Week. It is a time where everyone pays respects to law enforcement members who have lost their lives in the line of duty, as well as honoring those who serve in the present and past.

According to preliminary data compiled by National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), 458 members of law enforcement died in the line of duty. Compared to 295 who lost their lives in 2020, this is a 55% increase. Whether it was due to traffic accidents, shootings or COVID-related illness, last year had the highest total of fatalities since 1930.

Our mission that we keep at the forefront of our minds is to help police officers return home safely every day. We hope that our training can provide not only safer communities but safer members of law enforcement. While we cannot possibly stop every incident from happening, our goal is to reduce the frequency of the unfortunate injuries and deaths of our heroes.

As an annual tradition, NLEOMF schedules various events throughout the week and days prior that engage communities in commemorating officers. One way this is done is through the Annual Candlelight Vigil at the National Mall in Washington, DC. In 2022, this will take place Friday, May 13 at 8:00 pm EST. We believe this is a beautiful way to express appreciation and remembrance.

The staff at VirTra want to express our gratitude to all U.S. police officers for protecting our communities. It is also just as important to remember the lives lost on duty. So, we say once again to all active and retired first responders at local, tribal, state and federal levels: Thank you.



For yet another year, VirTra will be attending ILEETA 2022 to meet with clients and prospects. VirTra will provide attendees with demonstrations of our technology as well as two presentations by some of our in-house experts. The conference takes place on March 14-19 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Some of the technology we will be bringing includes:

The first presentation will occur in suite Midway 6 on Monday at 10:00 am. It will be led by Nicole Florisi, a law enforcement subject matter expert and developer of VirTra’s curriculum. It is titled “Empathy vs. Compassion: Which is a More Effective Tool for Law Enforcement?” and goes over important lessons in police communication.

The second presentation is in room Grand B on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. The presenter is Lon Bartel, VirTra’s Director of Training & Curriculum. The course is called “Time to Step Up Our Game: What We Can Learn from Athletic Training” and goes over fascinating links between athlete and law enforcement training.

You can find our V-300 in the Midway 11 suite and visit us for additional information at Booth #205. If you are interested in scheduling a demonstration, contact us. We hope to see you there!

As trade shows and events pick up steam again after many were cancelled between 2020 and 2021, VirTra now has plenty more opportunities to show clients and potential customers how we have used this time to develop and enhance our product line. SHOT Show is usually the first event of the year for many supplier and developer companies who handle everything firearms. Over the years, the event has given VirTra many opportunities to display our proficiencies to law enforcement agencies looking for an effective training solution.

What’s New in 2022

Due to the pandemic causing the 2021 show to be cancelled, VirTra will now be catching everyone up on what we’ve been working on. One of the products you have likely heard about is the V-300® 4K – a product that has taken years to be perfected and was launched to clients in 2020. This ultra-high-resolution simulator will be the main eye catcher, but the tools and scenarios are what really help inspire learning.

Some of the vital tools, curriculum and immersive scenarios include:

  • New V-Threat-Fire® consequence device. The Threat-Fire is now smaller and lighter with better Bluetooth connectivity.
  • New Red Dot Optic V-VICTA certified curriculum with 21 training drills in conjunction with Victory First® utilizing Aimpoint® red dot optics
  • New multi-incident scenarios with new characters and skill drills.
  • Advanced Skills CO2 magazines with Bluetooth triggered malfunctions for a wide array of pistols and rifles.

We are also giving a sneak peek of our “Behavior Analysis Threat Response” curriculum that is pending submission to IADLEST. This coursework will help law enforcement officers recognize threat cues while also understanding the science behind them.

Special Event

Besides doing demonstrations, VirTra’s first ever Gunslinger Contest will be taking place at our booth! This marksmanship challenge will be presented on our simulator with the ballistically accurate V-Marksmanship program. The challenger with the greatest hit factor (combination of speed and accuracy) will win a huge silver ring from Metal Urgency – an acclaimed foundry. Other prizes include a Darter Knife set from Haley Strategic Partners.

If you are interested in scheduling time for a demonstration with our product specialists and industry SMEs, contact us. We’ll see you on January 18-21 at Booth #30009! You can also find our V-100® at the Action Target booth – Booth #12816.

VirTra is proud to be the leader of high-realism, immersive use of force and firearms training simulators. However, we are more than just a military training simulation company! VirTra provides realistic accessories—such as our drop-in laser recoil kits and Threat-Fire® consequence device— to fully immerse servicemembers in stressful situations while simultaneously rounding out their training regimen.

These products and benefits are a result of thousands of engineering and research hours over the years. All of this work has combined to create the best quality training in the market. This is apparent in everything from our quality drop-in laser recoil kits, which convert duty firearms into the perfect training weapon, to our V-Marksmanship™ program, which features the most accurate ballistics calculator on the market.

Interested in seeing these features for yourself? Please visit us at the upcoming I/ITSEC conference!

We are proud to show off our revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art training accessories and our V-300 4K encourage everyone to personally try it during the event. While reading about training products is beneficial, the only way to see the training difference is to experience it.

You can find VirTra at booth #1001 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from Nov. 29 – Dec. 3. We will see you there!

This year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) event is just around the corner! Since last year’s event was virtual, VirTra is excited to once again see everyone face-to-face and provide hands-on demonstrations for all personnel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Be sure to stop by our booth to learn about our cutting-edge technology, new high-end training tools, recently-published V-VICTA nationally-certified law enforcement curriculum and more! Just this year, VirTra unveiled new curriculum that will be installed for free on all current and new customers. This curriculum, as well as realistic scenarios, will be shown on our powerfully immersive V-300 4K simulator.

If you have any training questions, VirTra representatives will be available anytime during the show to answer your questions, share contact information, or demonstrate. Our goal is to ensure your departments are best preparing officers for the field—even when faced with tighter budgets and heavier workloads.

We will see you at IACP in just a few days!

Next week is the NSA 2021 show in VirTra’s backyard—Phoenix, Arizona! The NSA Annual Conference and Exhibition is one of the largest in this field, covering police work, courtroom security and more. VirTra is proud to be attending as an exhibitor and will show some of our newest products and newly released content for our firearms, judgmental use of force training simulators.

Since the show will be featuring numerous seminars and workshops on sheriff duties—including law enforcement, jail operations, court security and more—VirTra will be showcasing applicable training scenarios with our state-of-the-art firearms simulator! Come step inside the simulator and experience realistic, high-resolution training first-hand.

In addition to our training simulators, VirTra will be providing information on our drop-in laser recoil kits, CO2 magazines, nationally-certified training curriculum and more. Together, these assets combine to create a well-rounded, realistic and controlled training environment for all sheriffs and deputies. Talk to a representative at the show for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at NSA Phoenix!

VirTra is the leading provider of realistic use of force and firearms training simulators, accessories and nationally-certified curriculum. We have spent hundreds of thousands of engineering hours to create only the highest level of training products designed to equip servicemembers with the sharpest skills. All this combines to train your unit to the highest level of preparedness.

Interested in seeing a higher quality training solution? Visit us in the upcoming vIITSEC Virtual Expo! VirTra will be proudly showcasing our revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art training accessories during the show.

VirTra’s tools and resources focused on this year include:

• 4K Systems—4K is the Ultra HD image resolution that more accurately reproduces subtle visual details and body cues. This more perfectly replicates real-world encounters, providing incredibly realistic training.
• Threat-Fire®—Receive an exclusive sneak-peek of the NEW V-Threat-Fire! This third generation includes more capabilities, customization, and a smaller and lighter design that further increases realism and stress inoculation.
• Recoil Kits & CO2 Magazines—VirTra added to its line of durable hardware that transforms an officer’s live duty weapon to simulation-ready firearm in minutes, with no permanent modification. All made in the USA, we guarantee more recoil with minimal maintenance issues.

VirTra’s training options cover a broad range of critical wants and needs. Keeping servicemembers safe and increasing potentially life-saving skills are our major goals.

To view more information about VirTra and the upcoming vIITSEC show, click here.

There are only 8 days left until the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) event! Though this year’s event is virtual, VirTra is excited to be sharing information, new products and interacting with law enforcement professionals via a virtual booth.

Attendees can visit VirTra’s online booth in the virtual expo hall. Here, attendees can learn about our cutting-edge technology, new high-end training tools and new V-VICTA curriculum. The booth can be accessed at any time during the event—October 21-23— however, VirTra representatives will be available during the day to answer questions, schedule meetings or share contact information.

VirTra recommends that attendees clear their calendars on Friday, October 23rd from 5-5:30 p.m. Lon Bartel, VirTra’s Director of Training and Curriculum, will be presenting “No, It Isn’t Just a Line, You Really Can Get More with Less”. This session is completely dedicated to the necessity of a scientific transformation in training. Departments can learn how to keep officers best prepared for the field—even when faced with tighter budgets and heavier workloads.

We will see you (virtually) at IACP 2020 in a few weeks!


VirTra is ringing in the new year with new hardware, software, curriculum and a focus on portability at SHOT Show 2020. A frequent flyer at SHOT, VirTra will be located at Booth #8211 with yet another eye-catching firearms training simulator for police and military.

The single-screen V-100® was designed with portability in mind. The most lightweight of VirTra’s four simulators, the V-100 is affordable, durable, portable and does not require a large space. A V-100 on the new VirTra STEP monthly subscription plan starts as low as $895. Additionally, the system supports marksmanship and skill building that help make it the higher standard among single-screen firearms simulators. Combine all this with superior graphics and audio, and it’s the perfect addition to any agency’s training program.

While going through a demo at SHOT Show, you will notice the lifelike firearm you’ll be using. The reason these firearms look and feel so real is because they are. The only change is the addition of a hardened stainless-steel drop-in recoil kit and CO2 magazine for life-like recoil. This allows law enforcement and military to train using their own firearms while being safer and more cost-effective than using live ammunition at the range.

Naturally, those using a firearms training simulator will observe what is shown on screen. VirTra’s own in-house production team films and edits all of the training scenarios that come standard with any simulator. Despite being smaller than the V-300®–its five-screen counterpart–the V-100 still provides users with lifelike training, an extensive scenario library, and the ability to practice marksmanship.

New Year, New Updates

VirTra’s presence at SHOT Show is just the beginning of what is in store for 2020. VirTra will be releasing VOS 4.8®, the latest update to its operating system. These updates will bring increased immersion, physical fidelity, ease of use and aid in monitoring training. Additional IADLEST-certified curriculum is included with the update, allowing law enforcement to train for a multitude of different situations.

For additional information on VirTra’s presence at SHOT Show or any VirTra product, feel free to contact us.