Posted on Mar. 26, 2024 by Niki Nelson

At the beginning of March, lawmakers passed a spending package which focuses significant resources on training.  You can review detailed information on the spending package here.   Of note, it includes:

  • $20 million to implement the Law Enforcement De-escalation Training Act, which authorizes funds and calls for the DOJ to create grants for law enforcement to fund training costs.  Details on the bill are available here.
  • $10 million under the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program for improved police responses to those suffering with mental health conditions.

Department of Justice Grants

Several grants at the Department of Justice are about to be released and a couple of opportunities are already accepting applications.

Community Policing Development: De-Escalation Training Solicitation – Coming soon!

The COPS Office is projected to release $15M in grant funding to implement de-escalation training in agencies all across the country.  Last year’s information can be found here.

Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) Program – Coming soon!

DOJ will make $103M available through the local solicitation and $210M will be available through the state solicitation. Byrne JAG funds are distributed through a formula and through your state’s State Administering Agency (SAA). Link

VirTra Grant Assistance

Keep in mind that VirTra is a resource for grant assistance! By partnering with PoliceGrantsHelp, we have made it possible for you to receive a FREE 1-hour consultation with grant experts. The experts can then help you find grants that fit and help you write them. To get information on this service, visit this page and fill out the form.

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