Posted on Dec. 15, 2020 by VirTra Inc

Axon TASER® training is an essential component of less lethal training. However, properly and extensively training with live TASERs can be difficult, time intensive and expensive.

Instead of limited less lethal training, police officers can receive extensive training in the full range of less-lethal tools—especially TASERs—inside high-fidelity simulators. Each simulator is designed to be physically and psychologically realistic, providing training that easily transfers to the field.

Less Lethal TASER Training

For less lethal TASER training, the realism is created through a combination of on-screen characters and VirTra’s TASER simulation cartridges.

By outfitting real Axon TASER X2 and X26Ps with VirTra’s simulation cartridges, the TASERs can be utilized in, and interact with, the simulator. As such, when officers deploy their TASERs, the characters on screen react accordingly and realistically. At the same time, officers become more comfortable with less lethal options and reduce training scars by using the real accessory.

VirTra’s certified TASER Targeting curriculum for law enforcement also provides coursework for instructors to train their cadre on proper aiming, when to use the device and why. A part of the V-VICTA line of coursework, instructors have access to training manuals, testing material, presentations, class rosters and more.

See TASER training in action below:

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