Posted on Sep. 14, 2021 by Christopher Dorch

Starting in 2020, VirTra partnered with Critical Incident Review (CIR) to provide law enforcement officers with opportunities to attend specific CIR classes for free. VirTra understands that modern training is critical and is working to deliver it to as many individuals as possible! The course, “Enhanced Force Investigations; Applying Science, Evidence-Based Methods & the Cognitive Interview”, occurs multiple times each year in a variety of states, in order to spread it to departments nationwide.

To help spread awareness and training for all, VirTra is sponsoring two seats per class. Meaning, officers who apply are in the running for free tuition! For the remainder of 2021, classes with sponsorship registration still open are:

  • October 12th – 14th, Maineville, Ohio
  • November 9th – 11th, Tempe, Arizona

This course covers Human Factors and limitations, the use of “video evidence”, the highly effective cognitive interview technique, and employing an investigative analysis of an officer-involved in a critical incident. Officers who successfully complete this course will earn a certification in the development of Enhanced Force Investigations and the Cognitive Interviewing Process.

Learn more about CIR’s class and VirTra’s sponsorship in the video below.

If you are a law enforcement officer and can benefit from this form of training, please click here to apply for an upcoming sponsorship.

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