Posted on Jun. 11, 2020 by Emily Hatch

Determining the best training simulator for your department is a lot more work than you might think. There are a multitude of variables that affect which simulator is the best fit, such as: size of training space, annual/monthly budget, training pain points to ease and various wants and needs.

Choosing the Right Law Enforcement Simulator

VirTra understands the frustrations involved in this process and decided to make this process easier for departments everywhere by developing the simulator configurator.

This configurator is an efficiency tool for agencies, where agencies can enter information such as classroom size or number of officers needing training. At the end, the configurator takes the responses and presents the best simulator for their needs. Along with the simulator title is a detailed PDF of relevant information designed to provide a foundation of understanding about the simulator and various benefits associated.

Now armed with information, agencies can perform better, more focused research. The configurator provides a foundation of information, making it easier for agencies to weigh their options or have fuller discussions with sales representatives.

After participating in the configurator, you will receive one of three responses: V-100, V-180 or V-300:


This compact, portable single-screen simulator provides a superior, real-world training experience. Instructors can utilize the vast library of interactive scenarios to teach the entire force continuum on-the-go. For added ease, the V-100 qualifies for the STEP monthly subscription program and can be upgraded to a multi-screen simulator at a later time.


Upon stepping into the three-screened simulator, trainees are immediately immersed in multi-directional scenarios and courses. The 180-degrees of training allows trainees to gain necessary skills for life in the field from a safe, controlled environment. To make this technology available to all agencies, the V-180 also qualifies for the STEP program and can be upgraded to a V-300 at a later time


The V-300’s five screens and 300-degree fully immersive training environment ensures time spent in the simulator translates into real-world survival skills. Instructors are supplied with a library of interactive scenarios to teach the entire force continuum, which are made more powerful with the addition of accessories. The V-300 also qualifies for the STEP program, providing high-end technology for a low monthly price.

To learn more about your chosen simulator, please contact a VirTra specialist!
Try the configurator here.

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