Are you new to VirTra simulator training? If you want to jump right into effective training but feel overwhelmed, there is an option to help you instruct your class.

VirTra – Virtual Instructor, typically shortened to V-VI™, is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the training content on your simulator. A virtual instructor will appear onscreen and highlight important training details in the selected scenario.

Numerous scenarios have a V-VI option which can be activated by the click of a button. Categories include:

  • High risk vehicle stops
  • Emotionally disturbed person (EDP)
  • Domestic violence
  • Ambushes
  • Tourniquet application
  • And more

Additionally, instructors can view specific considerations to look for when an officer is using the simulator. By utilizing this “train the trainer” feature, instructors can fully understand the purpose of the training event and the actions student officers should take when going through the scenario.

Additional Training

VirTra also recommends courses for both new and experienced instructors and operators. Whether it is to learn best practices on a new simulator or get the advanced ins-and-outs of simulator operation, there are courses instructed by experts available.

ATCC – Advanced Trainer Certification Course – is designed for trainers with a minimum of six months of experience using their VirTra simulator. It is fast-paced and spans across 5 days, taking place at VirTra’s Training Center at the Chandler, AZ headquarters.

VirTra Master Class is a newly developed course that helps new users learn skills beyond basic operation and “button-ology.” Students will learn how to conduct debrief sessions, build training events, and become familiar with the VirTra simulator’s capabilities.

Check out our available training courses here, or contact a product specialist to learn more.

Whether you’re a veteran law enforcement trainer or new to the department, training classes can be challenging to cut out time to write, create and plan out. With the help of our expert trainers, VirTra has created the Advanced Training Certification Course (ATCC). This five-day, 40-hour course is designed to give trainers the ability to excel, improve department goals, and ensure that your simulators and scenarios are utilized to their potential. ATCC takes place at our headquarters to provide certified training to trainers on a variety of topics including:

Simulation Science Foundations

Our ATCC course starts off the week with a certified course on Simulation Science. This course is highly praised for its teaching methods. It is an 8-hour NCP-certified class covering the reality of current training for law enforcement and the role of simulation. One unit focuses on the effectiveness of teaching with adult learning concepts, where the transfer of skills becomes an integral part of training effective law enforcement officers.

Advanced Simulator Operations Gap Analysis

This class starts with an assessment of the trainer’s skills with the VirTra simulator. It later progresses through the best methods and techniques to keep your simulator in peak condition. By starting with the basics such as an introduction to the weapon recoil kits and other calibration tools, the class breaks down the basics before building on those skills. Then, with the use of VirTra’s advanced features, each trainer is given specific attention to gauge their current skills. It will show where they could be using other features of VirTra’s extensive library of scenarios and drills.

V-Marksmanship Fundamentals to Advanced Marksmanship

If practice makes perfect, then for every hour on the range, the trainees should have a perfect shooting stance. However, we know that trainers have to teach marksmanship in a variety of environmental factors. The V-Marksmanship course discusses the building blocks for adding a simulation training regiment as part of your firearms training. Covering a wide selection of topics such as three points of coverage and low light training, trainers will then duplicate this in an exercise of their own design following this formula.

Advanced Training Techniques with V-VICTA®

One of our most popular training topics is V-VICTA®. This section of ATCC discusses what V-VICTA is, how to use it, and why it is helpful. VirTra’s V-VICTA is filled with 90+ hours of certified training, and many agencies don’t know about it. VirTra’s instructors who have authored these courses discuss best practices of incorporating it. Additionally, attendees will learn how to access the coursework and present it effectively.

V-Author® Scenario Training

This section of the course wraps up with a breakdown of how to use our coveted V-Author® scenario tools which provides the ability to create your own scenarios from scratch with a panoramic photo. After covering the essential function, the instructor breaks the class into groups. Next, each group creates a customized scenario for topics such as a multi-incident or their department’s firearms qualification course. By customizing scenarios, trainers can drive their training techniques for specific training issues for their agency.


This week-long advanced training course allows VirTra customers to improve on their skills as trainers. It helps them see the potential of what they can add to their current simulation training techniques. 

If you would like to sign up for an ATCC course this year, check out our Eventbrite page to sign up.

Once you have your simulator installed, there are still dozens of other ways we can help you continually build your training program. While obtaining the simulator certainly is a step in the right direction when it comes to having an effective training regimen, it can be overwhelming to learn everything and implement it right away. For this, VirTra has a solution – the Advanced Trainers Certification Course (ATCC).

ATCC is designed for current VirTra customers with six or more months of experience owning a VirTra simulator. Regardless of what system you own and whether you are a service member or law enforcement officer, this class will provide great benefit in helping you learn the ins and outs of the system.

This course is 5 days long running from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. While the first day goes over the science behind why simulator use is effective as well as important training techniques to pass onto your agency or unit, the next four allow hands-on work with various vital tools. Some of these include V-Author®, V-VICTA™, marksmanship and even troubleshooting.

Each day allows police and military members of the class to learn from experienced instructors and subject matter experts. The instructors have had direct contact with all of the products and software and are equipped to handle questions with ease. Additionally, the class is provided with surveys for each instructor to ensure to be filled out anonymously, allowing VirTra to continuously evolve ATCC to become better.

After learning and being tested on various concepts related to advanced operations of the VirTra system, hardware and software, all attendees are able to return to their agencies or bases with newly gained knowledge to share with peers. VirTra greatly encourages current customers who have had their simulator for six months or more to consider attending one of these informative courses to considerably build their confidence in operating the system. Additionally, clients who have successfully completed all five days will receive a certification to prove they are now an Advanced VirTra Operator.

To view upcoming classes, visit our Eventbrite page here. If you would like more information on the courses or anything else VirTra-related, contact a product specialist.

After a five-day course dedicated to using VirTra’s simulators and programs, this class of newly-certified trainers posed for a photo before receiving their certificates. VirTra’s specialists taught these law enforcement personnel the ins and outs of each simulator’s capabilities.

Advanced Trainer Certification Course (ATCC)

The course is called Advanced Trainer Certification Course (ATCC), a 40-hour combined lecture and hands-on training course for law enforcement and military to be able to further integrate simulation training into their programs and learn new features and tips. Participants gather in VirTra’s demo room where they are seated classroom-style near a V-ST PRO®, V-180® and V-300®.

The amazing customers were from agencies spanning the country from Dallas P.D. in Texas to San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office in California. Among them are System Installation Coordinator Nate Scharr, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Mike Clark and Training Coordinator Tony Montanarella.

The class was instructed by the three specialists mentioned above, along with SME Lon Bartel who explained the science behind simulation training. On the first day of ATCC, Lon reminded the class why simulation training is a higher standard of learning. He presented concepts that guests could bring to their departments to strengthen the foundation of their training programs.

Creating and Authoring Scenarios on the V-300

In the following four days, instruction was more hands-on as attendees practiced everything from assembling weapon kits to creating their own scenarios and course of fire on the V-300, V-180 and V-ST PRO.

One of the highlights was during the final day when participants got to network and work together to create unique authoring scenarios utilizing the V-Author® software. First, the class divided into three groups and followed along with instructors on laptops as they navigated V-Author. Later, the groups were assigned to one of the three simulators and began to collaborate. At the end of the day, each team presented their custom scenario to the rest of the class.

Creating Custom Ranges with V-Marksmanship

ATCC students were able to use different weapons in V-Marksmanship® where different lanes were set up and each participant could test his/her aim. In the photo to the left, participants observed where their bullets hit the target after shooting. The class was able to experiment with a number of conditions and targets, getting to experience how a simulated range can be just like a real one—only without the cost and cleanup of ammo.

Creating Custom Ranges with V-Marksmanship

These quarterly ATCC sessions ensure that VirTra’s customers are getting everything they need out of their use of force simulators to be successful training departments. This technology may not be familiar to everyone, and in order to see its benefits, understanding how to operate it is crucial. Additionally, Nate discussed troubleshooting and offered easy solutions to common concerns.

Debriefing Time After The Training

Attendees were encouraged to fill out evaluations at the end of each day. This allows VirTra specialists to continue improving the course based on feedback. VirTra aims to teach its customers in the best way possible, so evaluations are based on how effective attendees found the curriculum and how it is being taught.

VirTra hosts four ATCC sessions per year at its headquarters in Tempe, AZ. The next and final course for 2019 will take place November 18-22 and is already sold out. For more information, visit our training courses page. ATCC sessions fill up quickly, so don’t wait too long to sign up!