Successful Training Instructors

Are What Matters Most

VirTra Certified Instructor Development courses teach instructors how to use the simulator as a training tool combined with your department’s training for optimal, customized learning. Each instructor development course offers department policy and procedure integration and the option for curriculum development.

Below is a list of VirTra-lead courses available at our headquarters or onsite at the customers facility:

Advanced Trainer Certification Course (ATCC)

ATCC is a 40-hour high-demand ‘train the trainer’ course teaches best practices and concepts on how to train effectively and maximize training time in VirTra simulators. ATCC includes “The Science of Simulation Training” and “Advanced Operations”. This advanced course is for current VirTra customers with 3 to 6 months of experience training with a VirTra simulator.

VirTra Operation Certification (VOC)

VOC is a two-day operator’s course takes instructors through the fundamentals of simulator operation and maintenance, leaving them with an in-depth understanding of the system and its peripherals. Through the use of guided practice and hands-on training, instructors will develop the skill to use the VirTra simulator to its greatest training potential. Contact your sales representative for registration details.

V-Author Simulation Training (VSAT)

VSAT is a two-day course is designed to teach participants how to quickly and efficiently produce geo-specific, single incident simulation training content. Attendees learn how to process images, assign material parameters and insert and program real-life characters to perform specific behaviors and respond to use of force. Contact your sales representative for registration details.

V-Author Pro Certification (VAPC)

VAPC is a 5-day pro course is designed to give participants the ability to produce simulation training content and film their own character assets to be used within the V-Author software. Attendees will learn proprietary techniques used to develop training assets, including script writing, filming and editing. Contact your sales representative for registration details.

Simulation Science Course (SSC)

SSC is a 8-hour certified course provides critical overview and application of the science of adult learning, specifically as it applies to simulations. These adult learning concepts apply to all modes of learning, both inside and out of the simulation.

Coming Soon: V-VICTA Master Certification Course (VMCC)

VMCC is a new 40-hour VirTra certification course provides participants with IADLEST-Nationally Certified training.

ATCC Attendee

August, 2019

Extremely vital information to alter existing training methods. Information was well-organized and was made easy to understand. Data and resources cited were great, will help get command staff on board with new training ideologies.