Posted on Aug. 1, 2023 by Christopher Dorch

As of the writing of this article, VirTra is in production on an Active Shooter scenario in a local church in the Phoenix area. What goes into the making of these scenarios is impressive. First, VirTra’s Law Enforcement Subject Matter Experts have combined law enforcement experience of more than 100 years. Our SMEs have served the public and experienced actual law enforcement events that translate to our simulator to make for great training opportunities. Whenever we endeavor to make a new scenario, our panel gets together to vet the scenario and figure ways to exploit our 300 degrees of digital simulation to best provide relevant, realistic, and dynamic training. Active shooter events are dynamic and fluid, and at VirTra, our content team works to ensure that engagements are not stagnant or predictable. Fluid movement is the key to allowing the student to find work within our dynamic training environment.

Rewarding good student performance with realistic reactions from role players is another hallmark of our system. VirTra hires real actors to play roles in their scenarios and those actors are coached by our SMEs on what their reactions should look like. Our Training and Content team look through agency websites to pick role players and hold auditions to ensure that we are capturing the reactions that we want to see in violent encounters. Finally, our SME group blocks out with the directors the specific movements that the camera should make in order to work angles properly and use basic principles of cover to ensure realism and avoid breaking immersion.

If you are waiting for new content on your system, the production team installs the latest content annually during your annual service trip. Keep an eye out for our next project and feel free to look through your content after our installers visit your site. The new scenario will be called “Mass Chaos” and will be split into mini scenarios as well to accommodate clients with V-180® and V-100® systems.

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