Xperience Reality with the NEW V-XR® Headsets

Broad Training in a Small Footprint

VirTra’s extended reality solution, the V-XR® headset solution is a low-profile, lightweight system that can be instructor-led or almost entirely self-driven.

V-XR technology allows law enforcement to experience video-based characters placed right into your environment to engage in de-escalation and other communications. This extended reality headset-based solution provides an immersive experience in a small package.

Typical CGI characters seen when using VR goggles show unrealistic humans that are unable to produce the same movements and facial expressions as real people. Characters used in the V-XR system are lifelike, eliminating negative training and providing more seamless skill transfer to the real world.


What is Extended Reality?

Extended reality – or ‘XR’ for short – is in the family of virtual reality. XR encompasses all aspects of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality to create an immersive experience. It mixes the physical and digital world, creating a blended environment. This provides the user with engaging content in a believable setting, making it an ideal solution for training.

  • V-XR® - VirTra's New Extended Reality Headset Solution

    A low-profile system that enables users to enter a realistic extended reality environment.
  • Realism and Portability Combined

    With different modes of training available, users can experience a virtual wraparound curved screen that displays multiple scenarios.
  • V-3® - VirTra Volumetric Video

    VirTra's Volumetric Capture Studio allows humans to be captured as 3D characters. Characters captured in this manner can be placed into any custom environment.
  • Volumetric Video Characters

    V-XR characters show emotions, threat cues, and other subtle details that trainees must learn to recognize.

Real Training Events in 3D

Practice De-Escalation Anywhere

Law enforcement officers spend most of their time talking to people. Encountering all walks of life on the job, officers need to be prepared to deal with irate individuals, those with a mental illness, and persons in crisis.

There are a variety of lessons for officers to experience first-hand using “Educate, Experience, Engage” (3 E’s) to train. Officers can learn skills such as interviewing, de-escalation, weapon transitions, keeping distance, and decision-making – then put them into practice.


Learning module that allows law enforcement officers and trainees to experience immersive lessons just by putting on a headset. Users can interact with hand recognition to select choices during tests or to simply navigate the system.


Officers, servicemembers, and first responders can experience a virtual wraparound screen that displays real-world training content. Users are walked through immersive, crystal clear scenarios by a virtual instructor. 


3D characters captured by the V3 volumetric capture studio are displayed in front of the student officer, allowing them to walk around the characters and interact with them. Characters are realistic and include eye and mouth movements that are realistic, eliminating the uncanny valley.

  • Anxiety
  • Autism Awareness
  • Crisis De-escalation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • De-escalation
  • Depression
  • Neurocognitive Disorders
  • Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

V-3™ – VirTra Volumetric Video Capture

3D but not CGI

To provide users with a clearer, more realistic image, VirTra utilizes its in-house volumetric video capture studio. Our V-3 studio enables people and objects to be captured as 3D images, providing a more believable experience compared to CGI avatars. This professional studio is not only unique to law enforcement training, but it is the largest and most advanced in the U.S.

Volumetric video has been pioneered by VirTra for law enforcement training. Compared to traditional CGI characters that appear unrealistic and do not elicit an empathetic response, Volumetric video mitigates the “Uncanny Valley” effect by accurately capturing people as 3D characters for a more immersive training environment.

Start VR/XR Law Enforcement Training

Be Greater than Average

At VirTra, we know that seeing is believing. If you are interested in getting a demonstration of the V-XR, contact a specialist by clicking the button below. We would be glad to assist you in setting up time for a demo, as well as exploring purchasing and grant options.

Arizona Peace Officer


“This law enforcement-based virtual reality headset is a remarkable innovation. It combines immersion, interaction, and comfort, making it a valuable tool for training in the field of law enforcement. I was truly impressed with the experience it offers, and I can see it revolutionizing training in this industry.”