Posted on Aug. 27, 2019 by VirTra Inc

One of the biggest challenges for law enforcement trainers is maintaining consistency in training cycles and sessions. There is an inherent responsibility to make sure each student is trained and held to the same standards of performance as those before.

When it comes to consistency in use of force training, trainers need to keep these three rules in mind:

Establish a reasonable number of students per class

Keeping a reasonable instructor-to-trainee ratio is an essential component of maintaining training consistency. A smaller class size makes achieving consistency easier, as students will receive increased individual attention and guidance from the trainer. Training consistency depends on the numbers; it is more difficult to effectively train twenty students with two instructors than it is to train twenty students with ten instructors.

Allow enough time to train law enforcement effectively

Time spent actually training has a big impact on training consistency. Consistency suffers as police training cycles run out of time. It is easier to rationalize cutting corners and sacrificing detail as end goal de-briefs are rushed through. However, trainers cannot simply run students through a cycle without taking the time to train them to a higher standard. V-VICTA™ training trains officers in short 15 to 30-minute blocks so trainers can effectively and consistently teach students, rather than waste time traveling to and from the training site.

Make sure use of force trainers are knowledgeable

There are a variety of law enforcement training styles found worldwide. But the one training quality that continues to succeed is dedication. Good trainers are dedicated to their craft and feel an obligation to transfer their skills to their students, to give them the necessary tools to excel. Dedication includes staying up-to-date on subject matter and maintaining expertise. Trainers should prepare for training sessions ahead of time, in an effort to work out issues and to help prevent training scars. Also, trainers should utilize available tools to increase their knowledge and ability to share.

A great trainer will utilize the proper training tools, and it will be their teachings that translates to having a team that succeeds in the field. Without the right training tools, it becomes difficult to prepare students. One of the best ways to teach and train students is through the use of our simulators. For ideas on how to train smarter and in realistic and relevant scenarios, or to find the latest tools, please contact us.

Train hard, stay safe and keep it consistent.

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