Posted on Apr. 14, 2020 by Christopher Dorch

Use of Force Training Simulators Designed with the Military in Mind

VirTra’s goal is to present military agencies state-of-the-art firearms training simulators that teach judgmental use of force. In order to create the best quality military training, VirTra works with experts in both the military and law enforcement fields. These partnerships, in addition to in-house subject matter experts, strengthen our training program that prepare military for the field. Discover how VirTra’s relationships with top military consultants and officials improve our training courses.

Why Consult with Military Experts?

Working with military experts is crucial to the success of our firearms training simulators because they understand the profession better than anyone else. Experts—both in-house and through partnerships—design scenarios, contribute their advice and ideas as the project moves from conception to development. Upon completion, the final scenario is the product of multiple professionals, thus strengthening its educational merit.

Solving Police Issues with Advice from Professionals

Military encounter a wide variety of circumstances, from active threats to green on blue. No matter the incident, VirTra can help your unit prepare. Our experts formulate scenarios to teach proper decision-making under stress. Servicemembers who engage in these scenarios learn how to analyze each side of the situation, note nonverbal cues and disarm potential threats while minimizing harm.

VirTra’s design team consults with expert partners and in-house SME’s on new elements to add to current training and important details that must be added. As a result, our in-depth training stands out in the industry.

Training for Military Personnel with Colonel O’Connell

The military faces insurmountable circumstances daily. To prepare military personnel for such challenges, our in-house military experts work with various teams to develop proper training scenarios. VirTra has cultivated a relationship with Colonel Joe O’Connell, a retired member of the United States Army, who has created a business development firm. With Colonel O’Connell’s help, VirTra has prepared training content based on real-world situations. His field experience allows him to effectively teach sound decision-making under pressure and how to leverage the pros and cons when deciding on a course of action. Thanks to the help of experts in and outside the company, VirTra’s training simulators have never been so comprehensive.

Expert Help Results in the Most Realistic Training

Consulting with military and law enforcement professionals results in some of the most realistic training scenarios in the business. VirTra is proud to produce cutting-edge training for military personnel. These training simulators range from one-screen to 5-screen, 300-degree immersive training environments. Whichever training simulator you choose, your unit will find true-to-life training scenarios that leave your servicemembers more aware of their surroundings and the consequences of their actions.

Better Prepare Your Team with a Military Training Simulator

After military personnel are exposed to realistic training scenarios, they are ready to transfer their newly-learned skills to the field. Even the best lecture series and well-produced training videos cannot compete with the immersive, engaging environment created by military experts. To heighten your unit’s decision-making abilities with expert training, contact VirTra.

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