Posted on Apr. 28, 2020 by Christopher Dorch

VirTra & FSI Create Even More Realistic Law Enforcement Training

Law enforcement training is expensive, complex and has a lot of working parts. Training the next generation of public protectors is a huge undertaking that is difficult to prepare for. VirTra has been improving de-escalation training tactics through new and lucrative partnerships with other industry experts. This includes working with law enforcement and military professionals who use their years of field experience to enhance the realism and training of our simulations, such as the Force Science Institute (FSI).

The Force Science Institute Focuses on Police Issues

The Force Science Institute’s mission is to develop and distribute training programs grounded in scientific principles. Their research focuses on human behavior in high-pressure situations and judgmental use of force when encountering stress. FSI employs a world-class team, including experts in every facet of force science: physicians, psychologists, attorneys and more.

Why Partner with the Force Science Institute?

VirTra and FSI are successful in their individual fields, but as partners, they elevate content and curriculum. Law enforcement is crucial— a difficult job in which life-and-death decisions are made constantly. VirTra saw the need for better training through virtual reality scenarios and curriculum, which combined with FSI’s expertise, prepares law enforcement with proper judgmental use of force skills.

Our Partnership Produces Scholarships for Peace Officers

VirTra and FSI have together created scholarships that sent 12 officers to a Force Science Certification Course. This course taught attendees to better understand officer performance, improve investigation tactics and build positive, long-lasting relationships with the community.

Improving Firearms Training Simulations Nationwide

Beyond classroom education, VirTra and FSI have developed stronger, more immersive firearms training scenarios. Combining realism with science-backed principles presented by FSI has resulted in some of the most cutting-edge de-escalation training available. In addition to improving scenarios and firearms courses, the partnership is disseminating knowledge to police departments across the country. Both VirTra and Force Science Institute have worked together to create training protocols for police in Miami, San Bernardino and more, in addition to presenting at the FBI National Academy Associates’ National Conference. All in all, this partnership educates and prepares law enforcement across the nation—and the world.

Working Toward a Safer World

Both VirTra and FSI are working tirelessly to combine expertise and develop training simulators that teach judgmental use of force to every type of law enforcement personnel—from rookies to seasoned officers. As a result, law enforcement agencies are better prepared to respond appropriately to the unexpected, thus increasing public safety.

Interested in Learning More?

With the help of Force Science Institute, VirTra provides law enforcement training systems designed to teach de-escalation, judgmental use of force, communication and more. Our Arizona headquarters produces training content for police and military, enhancing the skills of personnel sworn to protect the public. Our training systems are state-of-the-art, offering realism through hundreds of scenarios, each with extensive branching options. For more information on our firearms training simulators, contact VirTra today.

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