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Thanks to the media – both social and otherwise – the use of force by the military and police is under more scrutiny than ever. Any use of force deemed unnecessary can result in costly lawsuits and a tarnished reputation, as well. Simulation technologies are vital for allowing police and military to experience various scenarios that could occur in real life, and that’s why VirTra with its Immersive Use of Force Simulator Technology is an investment you should consider.

Protecting Officers and Civilians

The unwarranted or unnecessary use of force is rarely due to misuse or abuse of power. Oftentimes, it is due to the misreading or misinterpreting of a situation. When officers and military officials can put themselves into virtual scenarios, including things like hostage situations, robberies, and even mass shootings, they can train themselves over time to respond more effectively with the goal of reducing loss of life. Things like reading body language carefully and being able to make accurate decisions under stress saves not only the officers’ lives, but often the lives of bystanders, as well. There is no training like realistic training, and with immersive simulators like VirTra, it is almost like the real thing.

Real-Life Reactions to Real-Life Situations

Though there are many simulators on the market today, VirTra works to create scenarios that are as realistic as possible. With a 300-degree immersive wrap-around screen to dozens of predesigned and customized scenarios, it is possible for offers to practice and learn how to react appropriately in these scenarios before they occur. There is even a firearms training mode in which officers can utilize weapons that mimic the real weapons they would use in the field, but all without the potential for lethality.

Upgrades to Meet Client and Market Changes

VirTra use of force simulator allows its clients to upgrade as their needs change. For example, clients may start out with a single or three-screen configuration to start, then later upgrade to the fully-immersive five-screen configuration that allows for one of the most realistic and challenging sets of scenarios in the industry. When officers can train in advance for some of the most difficult real-world situations through virtual simulation, they can learn to handle themselves appropriately should those situations occur in real life. Whether it is an ambush or an active shooter situation, VirTra does it all as realistically as possible.   As additional scenarios are created, VirTra makes those available to existing clients as well to give them the most up-to-date realistic training situations available.

Training to De-Escalate Through Non-Lethal Means

VirTra’s goal is to provide technology that allows it clients to enhance their sense of situational awareness. In turn, they can better understand when it is necessary to use force and when non-forceful de-escalation is possible. VirTra incorporates communication skills training, the use of Axon® TASER®, officer presence, and even the use of deadly force in its scenarios.

When officers go into the field each day more prepared than they were the day before, lives are saved. What’s more, fewer uses of force result means fewer lawsuits and investigations, which can save departments’ time and money. We believe VirTra is the most advanced and most immersive use of force simulation training platform available today, and an investment in VirTra is an investment in an advanced technology company set to deliver growth and enhanced officer and civilian safety.

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