Posted on Jan. 14, 2020 by Christopher Dorch

Learning How to Apply Judgmental Use of Force

VirTra offers an array of excellent training simulators and corresponding tools for departments to effectively train their agents. Among our most popular is the VirTra V-300®, the highest standard for law enforcement training. Its five screens provide a 300-degree view of a scenario, creating a fully immersive, realistic training experience. Besides this amenity, what makes this firearms simulation so crucial?

Analyze a Dangerous Situation from All Sides

One of the most beneficial aspects of this training simulation is its near-complete view of any given scenario. VirTra’s V-300® places trainees directly in the heart of the action with surrounding video, multi-directional audio and high-quality visuals. With officers able to turn around and see each side of the scenario, they better understand the situation and circumstances and can make better decisions accordingly.

Upping the Realism Factor in Virtual Reality

Real-world situations do not occur on a single, flat screen like a movie and neither should your realistic training simulation. The extended view of the VirTra V-300® scenario’s live actors, animals and special effects surrounds trainees, making the judgmental use of force training completely immersive. Intense scenarios and extended branching options causes trainees to learn stress inoculation and decision-making under pressure.

Mistakes Are a Learning Opportunity in a Safe Environment

After the scenario is complete, VirTra’s V-300® offers the final component of police training: debrief. Instructors and trainees can playback and analyze decisions made in the simulation and the consequences that ensued. Trainees can use this time to learn from their mistakes, while instructors look for areas where training needs to be changed or strengthened.

Since training mistakes are a fact of life, it is best to make them in a safe, controlled environment. Experienced officers can also use the firearms scenarios to test decisions, de-escalation or use of less-lethal and lethal weapons without fear of hurting someone or experiencing permanent consequences. After the scenario is complete, through debrief, participants can see, learn from and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Why Training Simulators Are Preferred to Lectures and Notes

All training is crucial to successful law enforcement—from lectures to role playing to training videos—but training simulators are more effective. Presentations are excellent for providing information and explaining protocols, but there is no match for hands-on experience when practicing this protocol.

Whether the training exercise is designed for law enforcement or military, training with simulations provides a more permanent learning. Departments and agencies can rest assured knowing their team understands the best practices and can effectively perform in a high-stress situation.

Choose VirTra for Training in Judgmental Use of Force

Thorough training is crucial—for your team and for the public—and departments must take every precaution necessary to ensure their agents know how to best navigate difficult situations. There is no better way to train than with real-world experience, brought by the V-300®. Don’t wait until there is an emergency. Train your police officers to the highest degree with the help of VirTra. Contact us today.

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