Posted on Dec. 5, 2023 by Niki Nelson

During IACP, VirTra launched our first ever extended reality training solution – the V-XR®. On the show floor, product specialists took the time to gather opinions from those who received demonstrations of the new technology. More than anything, we value the thoughts of potential end-users and utilize this information to improve our products.

One of the individuals who tried on the headset and experienced the different modes of training was a law enforcement officer from Arizona. We would like to share their direct response when asked for their thoughts on the V-XR.


“I recently had the opportunity to try a VirTra law enforcement-based virtual reality headset, and I must say it was a game-changer. The standout feature of this headset is the ability for the instructor to embody the “person” in front of the wearer, creating a truly immersive experience. It’s like having the instructor right there in the room, even though they are physically miles away.

What sets this headset apart is the freedom it offers. The simulated character can move, turn their head, and even follow the wearer as they explore the virtual environment. This level of interaction is a significant leap forward compared to other simulations.

The 360-degree experience of the virtual room adds another layer of realism. It’s as if you’re inside the scenario, not just watching it. Additionally, the headset’s design is thoughtful, allowing some ambient light to pass through, which can help prevent the dreaded “virtual reality sickness” for those who are prone to it.

Overall, this law enforcement-based virtual reality headset is a remarkable innovation. It combines immersion, interaction, and comfort, making it a valuable tool for training in the field of law enforcement. I was truly impressed with the experience it offers, and I can see it revolutionizing training in this industry.”


We value any type of feedback – whether it is praise or critique – as it shows us where we are succeeding and where we need to take a step back. In this case, VirTra is quite humbled by this officer’s opinion on a brand-new product launched the same day as their demonstration.

The V-XR will be officially available for purchase in March 2024, but we are taking preorders and requests for demonstrations! You will get a chance to test out the V-XR for yourself at future events – such as I/ITSEC in Orlando, FL. See us there at Booth #641!

For more information, contact a specialist.

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