Posted on Sep. 5, 2023 by Niki Nelson

If you have followed VirTra for any amount of time, you will know that IACP is a staple for us. It is a chance for us to show our newest simulation technology, upcoming products, and sometimes a surprise debut. Over the years, the event has given VirTra numerous occasions to display our virtual reality training advancements to law enforcement agencies looking for effective training.

V-300 4K®

Our most advanced 5-screen simulator, the V-300 4K® made its debut at IACP in 2019. This immersive simulator uses 4K projectors to give officers a crystal-clear picture of the simulated event they are going through.

Officers heavily rely on their sight during the job – and even subtle nuances can signal a possible threat. By more accurately reproducing objects and subjects, body language and non-verbal threat cues, the V-300 4K more perfectly replicates real-world encounters.

Multi-Incident Scenarios

At VirTra, we place high value on the quality of our content. While advanced hardware and large screens are impressive, the learning that results from our virtual reality training advancements is what we strive for. Each scenario and skill drill is crafted by in-house subject matter experts and a team of content developers.

Scenarios cover a wide range of topics of value to law enforcement. Active shooters, mentally ill subjects, traffic stops, and domestic situations are just some examples. With an average of 85 branching options per scenario, no single event is guaranteed to go a certain way. Almost every scenario can be resolved entirely with verbal de-escalation – not requiring the officer to fire their weapon or less lethal device.

Recoil Hardware and Marksmanship

To make firearms training more realistic and transferrable, VirTra users can train with drop-in recoil kits and refillable CO2 magazines. Users can fire their real weapons in the VirTra simulators without the need for permanent modification.

In addition, the V-Marksmanship® program provides ballistically accurate, customizable range options. Agencies save on the cost of ammunition and practice on a simulated range first, where they can perfect their skills virtually before switching to a live fire range.

Less Lethal

We want to make sure officers can train at all ends of the force spectrum – and that includes less lethal equipment. ECW devices and OC spray are laser-based and on-screen subjects will react accordingly when targeted. Virtual reality training should not be limited to only shoot-don’t-shoot!


The V-Threat-Fire is the patented consequence device that changed the game for virtual reality training. When a user is fired upon, bitten by a dog, or in an explosion, instructors can activate an adjustable electric impulse. It is tested for safety and can be switched to vibration mode if preferred.


If you have any questions, VirTra representatives will be available anytime during IACP to discuss our simulation training technology or provide a demonstration. Come see us at Booth #2739 on October 14-17 in San Diego!

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