Posted on Mar. 22, 2011 by VirTra Inc

TEMPE, AZ – March 21, 2011 – Don Andrus, VirTra Systems’ President and COO(VTSI.PK) today announced that VirTra has sold and installed a VirTra 300 LE, five- screen use-of-force firearms training simulator to the City of Henderson, Nevada. VirTra is the only company that produces a five-screen judgmental use of force simulator with seamless video in the industry, making it far more realistic, challenging and demanding than traditional simulators – there simply is not a better level of preparation for law enforcement.

The City of Henederson’s top tier police department will now be training on one of VirTra’s world-class VirTra 300 LE police training simulators with a borderless screen upgrade and full HD platform sound effects for complete auditory immersion. This fully immersive fivescreen, ultra-realistic law enforcement use-of-force simulator, is equipped with recoil kits, return fire simulation (Threat-Fire™) devices, multiple tetherless firearm recoil kits, a training TASER® package, OC and low light, firearm refill and recharge stations and any other advanced options for optimal training like tetherless recoil kits for Glock, Sig Sauer and the M16 family of firearms. Year 2 and year 3 warranties were included to support 3 years of 100% up-time at no further expense to the City of Henderson.

This purchase further demonstrates the continued need for progressive Law Enforcement Training in the U.S. After demonstrating the VirTra 300 LE to the City of Henderson at VirTra’s new facility, Don Andrus President and COO said, “It is a distinct pleasure to deal with Law Enforcement professionals like the City of Henderson Police Department, we are honored to be a part of their team.”

“The VirTra Systems simulators are the most advanced and realistic use of force simulators that we’ve seen to date,” commented Lt. Rob McCorkle with City of Henderson Police Departments Training Bureau. “Deploying a VirTra 300 simulator at the Henderson Police Department allows our officers to experience an additional level of training that will better prepare them for the real world and potentially violent encounters. The VirTra 300’s highly realistic scenarios not only train on the appropriate use of firearms but also the full spectrum of force, including OC and the TASER™ device which officers have at their disposal. We are very excited to be able to incorporate the VirTra 300 system into our existing training programs,” concluded McCorkle.

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