Posted on Aug. 28, 2009 by VirTra Inc

TEMPE, AZ – August 27, 2009 – VirTra Systems, Inc. Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems’ CEO and president (OTC:VTSI.PK), today announced that VirTra has received another order from Lockheed Martin Simulation Training and Support business for VirTra’s proprietary tetherless M-4 recoil kit, which is specially engineered to work with an authentic M-4 rifle. The order also includes VirTra’s automatic refill station that uses low-cost CO2 and is the most operator friendly refill system on the market.  Also included in the order is a recharge station, which rapidly recharges each magazine’s internal battery.

VirTra’s system is the most advanced and realistic tetherless recoil system that works with a genuine M-4.  By using a real M-4, the trigger pull of the training weapon perfectly matches that of an actual M-4 weapon.  The system also permits the instructor to induce a jam during training. Once the trainee has fired 30 shots, the weapon responds just like a real M-4.  Tactical reloads are also possible, whereby the magazine remembers the number of remaining rounds.

The system uses CO2 instead of ammunition or blank rounds, greatly reducing the cost and improving the safety of training exercises.  Also, without the requirement to shoot in just one direction for safety reasons (like on a live range), exercises can utilize 360-degree freedom for enhanced realism.

“We are honored that Lockheed Martin has expanded their interest in VirTra and ordered our advanced M-4 recoil kit and accessories.  The recoil system is a very effective training tool for anyone requiring improved skill with the M-4 rifle,” said Bob Ferris, CEO and President of VirTra Systems.

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