Posted on Oct. 27, 2009 by VirTra Inc

TEMPE, AZ – October 26, 2009 – VirTra Systems, Inc. Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems’ CEO and president (OTC:VTSI.PK), today announced that VirTra has received an order for a five screen, 300-degree IVR-300 4G military skills training simulator from the 819th Global Support Squadron.

Their firearms training system includes recoil kits, M-4/M-16 tetherless recoil kits, a flashlight system, a shotgun insert, M9 tetherless recoil kits, Threat-Fire™ belts, heavy weapon kits for the M240 and M249 firearms and a full library of training scenarios.

The 819th Global Support Squadron wanted the most realistic and effective simulator training available, which made VirTra’s firearms training simulator the natural choice. Used to prepare U.S. Air Force Personnel before overseas deployment, VirTra’s top-of-the-line simulation technology helps save the lives of service members and civilians alike through more realistic 300-degree training. In addition, the system can safely “shoot back” at the trainee via the Threat-Fire™ belt, which delivers a split-second electric stun, adding real-world pressure during a simulated exercise.

“It is very rewarding when a unit of the United States Air Force selects VirTra Systems’ products as their firearm system training simulator of choice.  This sale adds to our popularity within the U.S. military market, which is a significant growth market for VirTra. ,” said Bob Ferris, CEO of VirTra.

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