Posted on Mar. 12, 2009 by VirTra Inc

TEMPE, AZ – March 11, 2009 – VirTra Systems, Inc. Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems’ CEO and president (OTC:VTSI.PK), today announced that VirTra has partnered with Threat Dynamics to open the first advanced firearm use-of-force training facility for law enforcement personnel.

While Hillsboro, Oregon is the home of the first Threat Dynamics regional training facility, if successful, more than 11 facilities will be built across the U.S. in the years to come. Threat Dynamics insisted on using the best training tools in the world for each facility, which is why after doing their due diligence, VirTra was exclusively chosen to provide their immersive firearms training systems for each facility.

“We have spent over 16 months intensely researching the concept, talking topotential customers, testing equipment and refining the business plan for this venture.  I believe we have picked the right partner in VirTra. Together we will provide a valuable and desperately needed service to the brave men and women in uniform,” said Scot Laney, Co-founder of ITWorks LLC.

The first training facility will house one IVR-300 and two IVR-100 simulators for truly superior immersive virtual training. This privately funded training center strategy enables both larger and smaller forces to train on the best equipment in the world without depleting their budget and resources. Not only will each facility expose countless professionals to VirTra’s superior technology, but also the VirTra brand will get the largest possible exposure.  In addition, this concept may see increased success as law enforcement budgets tighten throughout the United States and will provide VirTra with a new and recurring monthly revenue stream.

Bob Ferris, CEO and president of VirTra, said, “VirTra is honored to be Threat Dynamics’ strategic partner and the only supplier of firearms training systems for their groundbreaking facilities.  Now Trainees from the smallest departments to the largest agencies can affordably train with the world’s most realistic and effective firearms training simulators.”

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