Posted on May. 16, 2018 by VirTra Inc

VirTra is a global provider of virtual firearms training simulators designed to better prepare military, law enforcement,  and security personnel for life-threatening situations they may potentially encounter on the job. Since September 2017, the company has signed contracts for international agencies worth more than 8.25 million dollars and has doubled its International presence since 2013 and is currently doing business in 29 different countries worldwide.

What These Contracts Include

VirTra not only provides these end users with the de-escalation training systems, service and warranty, but also personally installs each system and trains the end users trainers in order to better prepare personnel for their duties. The systems include the V-100, V-ST PRO, V-180 and V-300LE and V-300MIL units, many of which utilize the V-Author software suite. These use of force simulator systems are designed to mentally challenge trainees in a fast-paced simulated environment, giving them the opportunity to practice responding to some of the most dangerous scenarios imaginable and train per their countries standards. Agencies utilizing these high-tech gun simulators, rather than live round training, have seen this military and law enforcement training option as cost-effective solution producing higher calibrate results in the field.

V-Author PRO

International clients are drawn to the unlimited possibilities that the V-Author PRO Scenario Authoring Suite offers them. It is an easy-to-use, customer created scenario tool that includes industry-leading content which features: green-screened actors that can either interact on the same screen or separate screens both simultaneously and independently, ballistic penetration with real-world props, visual effects, and animated targets. In just a few hours, custom photographs can be turned into a specific military or law enforcement use of force training scenario that would otherwise be unavailable. Creating content with VirTra V-Author PRO is an extremely efficient cost-savings solution. Once the necessary images are in-hand, there is no need to regularly travel to specific locations and shut down these locations in order to safely train inside.

Branching Out

VirTra has enjoyed an American presence for decades, and as military, law enforcement, and security personnel across the world begin to utilize this same firearms simulator technology for their own specific training needs, VirTra’s tribal knowledge continues to grow and allows for more innovation with every new version and upgrade.  By working with the Ministry of Interior (MOI), Ministry of Defense (MOD) and security companies in other countries, the company is able to bring more ideas, options and additions to the advancements of their products and services. VirTra technology is used to help save lives, reduce mistakes, save on ammunition, and reduce logistics and transport time.

As the importance of higher next level training becomes more necessary, VirTra’s judgmental use of force simulators has become more adopted around the world by law enforcement, military, and security as a result.

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