Posted on Jun. 29, 2020 by Christopher Dorch

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Delta Police Department

Delta Police Department keeps training and use of force front and center in their department with the VirTra V-300. “The training simulator is really about critical decision-making. We are looking at a broad spectrum of situations that officers might face or encounter through the course of their duties and teaching them how to maximize their response to subject behaviour.” –Sgt. Mo Parry

Const. Erin Gray looks on as Optimist journalist Ian Jacques practices target shooting in the simulator. Photo Cred: Optimist

Palm Beach Police Department

Palm Beach Police Department trains their officers in 250+ real-life scenarios, including a wide variety of use of force scenarios. Each scenario is equipped with branching options, allowing the scenario to unfold based on the officer’s actions.  “What the chief wanted for over two years was to bring in a system that we could train our officers in a response to resistance and bring in real-life scenarios to those officers to help train them to better respond out on the street.” –Michael Ogrodnick, Training and Community Relations Coordinator.

Palm Beach Police showcase new training simulator and accessories that prepares officers for the field.

Camden Police Department

Camden Police Department treats every interaction with the public as an opportunity to build trust, respect and prevent future crimes. Local crime has dropped since the police force was rebuilt in 2013 with a focus on community engagement. Their department’s use of force policy emphasizes respect for “the sanctity of life”, while their VirTra simulator teaches officers how to recognize red flags and best de-escalate situations.

Camden Police Department appeared on the Fox Business show.

Monmouth County Police Department

Monmouth County Police Department is one of the most progressive and highly rated departments in the county. Sheriff Shaun Golden trains his officers with a VirTra V-300 decision-making and tactical firearms simulator to prepare officers for the field. “This new and exciting effort will provide those with an opportunity to train on de-escalating a situation and help address homeland security issues, counter terrorism efforts and the public safety challenges members of police, fire and EMS are faced with in Monmouth County and beyond.”—Sheriff Golden.

Monmouth County Police Department continues their progressive training, keeping officers well-trained and ready for the field.

Phoenix Police Department

Phoenix Police Department has been increasing their de-escalation training in the last year, teaching officers and recruits how to best dissolve a situation or draw their weapons, should a situation escalate. After receiving the lectures, officers practice what they are taught in a VirTra V-300 immersive simulator. “The hard part for an officer is determining your comfort level, your skill level and when it’s appropriate to use that force.” –Commander Anthony Vasquez. This is why VirTra’s simulators allow officers to think about their entire range of response and practice a situation again and again.

By practicing on VirTra’s simulators, Phoenix PD officers can train with the entire use of force spectrum.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood recently stated: “Our arrests are down from over 12,000 in 2016 to almost 9,500 this year. Our crime rate is down 40 percent when compared to 2016, so you have less arrests, crime rate is down.” He attributes these improving rates to specialized training, including the VirTra simulator that puts officers through “shoot/don’t shoot” and de-escalation scenarios.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood discussing the president’s new executive order and the social movement to ‘defund police’.

Huntsville Police Department

Chief McMurray of Huntsville Police Department answered questions in a city council meeting, including “What is involved in setting curriculum for academy?” Police Academy Director Dewayne McCarver answered, stating their department goes above and beyond state requirements and teaches officers de-escalation tactics with the VirTra V-300 simulator. “If/when they’re confronted with a bad situation, if they handle the situation correctly, it branches toward a de-escalation of the event.”

Chief McMurray of Huntsville Police Department answering questions in a city council meeting.

Wilmington Police Department

Wilmington Police Department is drawing attention to situations that end well, including a recent event in which a man with a gun was not listening to commands issued by approaching officers. However, officers were able to deploy an Axon® TASER® and arrest the man. “What makes news is when it doesn’t go well, but what’s important is to know we understand the appropriate level of force, the appropriate level of the application of the law.” –Captain Matt Ingram. He attributes his officer’s preparedness to the annual use of force department training and brand new VirTra simulator.

Wilmington Police Department has increased their training, which has helped better prepare officers for the field.

East Palo Alto Police Department

East Palo Alto Police Department used to be infiltrated by rogue cops. However, after ridding the department of the rogue officers, running campaigns and growing closer to the community, now the department and public respect each other. To aid in this endeavor, the department has been training on a VirTra simulator to teach officers how their choices can affect the outcome of a situation.

East Palo Alto Police Department has come a long way in the past few years. Originally infiltrated by rogue cops, the department is now running smoothly and has a strong connection with the community.

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