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Orlando Police Department

Orlando Police Department recently received their VirTra 300 4K simulator—with 65% of scenarios requiring de-escalation for a successful outcome—which they use to train new recruits and seasoned officers. “Of course law enforcement officer have to make split-second decisions when they go out there and things can change and escalate real quick.” Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon.

Orlando PD is using new simulator software that allows officers to practice a wide variety of scenarios virtually. Image credit: Danielle Prieur.

Camden Police Department

Recently, Lawrence Jones in his Fox News special “One Nation” explored Camden New Jersey’s department and VirTra simulator. “We really have been able to change the dynamic through community policing,” said Camden Police Chief Joseph D. Wysocki. “For us, it’s a culture, to be a part of it.”

Lawrence Jones visits Camden, New Jersey, the city that dismantled and rebuilt its police force.

Wilmington Police Department

The Wilmington Police Department opens up their training program—and V-300 simulator—to the public through their free use-of-force classes. Civilians receive a one-hour course on policy, then go through the simulator with a pistol outfitted with a drop-in laser recoil kit, retrofitted Axon® TASERs® and simulator-ready OC spray. See civilians learn about judgmental use of force below.

Officer Will Morris helps UNC Pembroke Adjunct Professor Judi Paparozzi put on a holster before engaging in the VirTra simulator.

Sioux City Police Department

Sioux City police officers are trained in “Verbal Judo”, also known as “de-escalation”. As Sioux City Police Officer Andrew Dutler described it, “everything that we do at our department now, and has been for quite some time, is based on verbal de-escalation principles.” Officers learn the technique, then practice interacting with subjects on the department’s V-180 training simulator.

Sioux City Police Sgt. Steve TenNapel utilizes VirTra to teach de-escalation techniques.

Harford County Sheriff’s Office

“You can actually visualize the stress [officers] are going through…a lot of times, that is not what the public sees. What we are trying to get our officers to do is maintain the highest level of proficiency possible” in difficult situations, says Lt. Mark Fox. This is done through their V-300 training simulator and realistic accessories like the Threat-Fire and drop-in laser recoil kits.

D.F.C. Brian Snee interacts with the VirTra simulator.

Wallace Community College

The Wallace Community College offers several programs designed to prepare students for their careers, including a VirTra simulator for realistic law enforcement training. Utilizing high-end training technology helps bridge the gap between community college programs and the needs of the criminal justice industry.

Wallace Community College uses the VirTra simulator for realistic law enforcement training.

Denver Police Academy

Denver Police Academy’s VirTra simulator often portrays difficult, potentially violent situations, designed to prepare trainees for the field. “This training environment is set up to make you have a little anxiety. Here is where we make mistakes, right?” says DPD Technician Tyrone Campbell. Officers learn critical skills about de-escalation and judgmental use of force which they are then able to take into the field.

DPD Technician Tyrone Campbell uses the V-300 training simulator to teach cadets how to respond in situations in which policy supports an officer displaying and/or using weapons.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

“I still respect officers and I respect the law, but that is not a job for me.” David Rucker, African American Citizens Advisory Committee. David and other members of the OCSO African American and Latin American Citizens Advisory Committee recently practiced officer de-escalation tactics in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida VirTra V-300 simulator.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office opened up their simulator to the OCSO African American and Latin American Citizens Advisory Committee, teaching them about de-escalation techniques.

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