Posted on Nov. 9, 2021 by Niki Nelson

VirTra has a presence in all corners of the United States, but we also have an international presence in 40 countries. Just recently, our newest addition is a distributor located in Spain that provides federal law enforcement with effective training tools. There are three separate locations across Spain that are receiving training with VirTra simulators and hardware.

Over the past several years, some European countries have sent out RFPs for simulation training solutions but noticed when vetting them that many of the responding companies were unable to deliver the features that they claimed they had. The latest tender had a clause that any capability claimed by a company that seemed ‘questionable’ must be proven within one week in Europe. If a company was caught lying about their capabilities, they would be blacklisted as all information is public.

VirTra was able to establish a presence in Spain while proving that we can handle large requests by having the capabilities we promise. Because of the addition of the clause in the final tender, VirTra was the only company to submit a proposal as other companies were worried of the threat that their response, if deceptive, would become public information.

An article published within the same month as the purchase has detailed the obtainment and uses of the simulators arriving within the next few months. The order includes V-ST PRO® simulators with 4K capabilities, V-Author® scenario authoring software, V-Threat-Fire® consequence devices, Axon® TASER® training cartridges and more.

Expanding our presence worldwide and helping other countries like Spain help VirTra further reach our goal of providing life-saving training to law enforcement – and training doesn’t have borders. The training content on our simulators is available in French, Spanish and Arabic so overseas clients can benefit from the same tools as our officers at home. Additionally, content can be localized in any language as needed.

If you want to learn more about the products mentioned in the article or how we can help international clients, contact us.

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