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This summer VirTra is sponsoring the FBI National Academy Associates (or FBINAA) national conference in Phoenix, Arizona. At our booth, you will have the opportunity to test your skills on our V-ST PRO virtual simulator on the newly designed top secret “FBINAA Course of Fire” featuring REFactor shooting targets. Practicing in the training simulator has excellent benefits, but we know that to improve your marksmanship, you also have to spend time on the live fire range as well. Shooting targets on the range can become a mundane task, but with printed targets from REFactor Targeting, you can get the edge back in your live fire practicing. To get an edge on the competition, here is the rundown on a few of their targets to start practicing now, so you’re sure to be on top of your game for the contest:

IQ Target for Live Fire Weapons Training

The IQ Target from REFactor offers diversity and quality training while training live fire weapons. REFactor will also have their live range at the conference to test your attention to the color and order of when the shots shot hit. With their unique design, this should be a target you consider adding to your range back home:

REFactor Paper Targets

This particular target comes in two different varieties, one for pistol and one for rifles. The IQ pistol target comes with varying shapes and numbers, and when combined with the Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck, it doesn’t just become a fun experience at the range, but it becomes a quality marksmanship training exercise, causing the shooter to think about each specific hit.

The IQ rifle target offers the same quality training; only the shapes are a little bigger. Again, combine it with the rifle version of the Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck, and you’ll be getting the quality range-time you’ve been craving, which we thought was interesting.

Essentials Target Shooting Drills

The good thing about REFactor Tactical targets is their dedication to making you a better shooter. They don’t just offer the same boring bullseye targets you’ve seen everywhere else. Instead, they offer variety. The Essentials Target is great for practicing your essential shooting techniques. We enjoyed this option because, combined with the Essential Shooting Target Guide—containing tons of shooting drills—you’ll be able to practice your pistol marksmanship with slow aimed fire, weak and offhand shooting, target transition, trigger speed changes, drawing, magazine reloads and controlled multiple shot groups.

Essentials Paper

REFactor Targets in the VirTra Training Simulator

If you managed to read this far down, congratulations, we will share the top-secret course of fire with you! Below, VirTra has recreated the FBI qualifier exam to test your skills at our booth. By utilizing a shorter version of the test and the REFactor paper target on a simulated range, you and your friends can try to beat each other’s time with the below qualifying target:

FBI Qualifying Target

Test Your Luck

Be sure to stop by our booth to test your skills on the V-ST Pro and see if you can achieve the perfect score on the FBINAA Course of Fire Challenge. We will be having live demonstrations throughout the day to showcase the immersive training of the V-300® judgmental use of force training simulator. Our team of experts will be there onsite to answer any questions you may have and show off some of our newest scenarios. The best scores will win a fabulous prize, so be sure to check back throughout the conference to see if anyone else beat your score.

We look forward to seeing everyone there, be sure to click here to schedule a demo with VirTra while at the conference.

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