Posted on Dec. 16, 2022 by Niki Nelson

SHOT Show 2023 brings an opportunity to show clients and potential customers how we have developed and enhanced our product line. SHOT Show is usually the first event of the year for many supplier and developer companies who handle everything firearms. Over the years, the event has given VirTra many opportunities to display our proficiencies to law enforcement agencies looking for an effective training solution.

What’s New This Year?

One of the products you have likely heard about is the V-300® 4K – a product that has taken years to be perfected and was launched to clients in 2020. This ultra-high-resolution simulator will be the main eye catcher, but the tools and scenarios are what really help inspire learning.

Some of the vital tools, curriculum and immersive scenarios include:

  • Ultra high-resolution V-300® 4K Simulator
  • NEW TASER 7® training cartridges designed for simulator use
  • Multi-incident scenarios and skill drills
  • The latest recoil kits and CO2 magazines
  • V-Threat-Fire® consequence device
  • Red Dot Optic Training Program in Partnership with Aimpoint® and Victory First®

We are also giving a sneak peek of our “Behavior Analysis Threat Response” curriculum that is pending submission to IADLEST. This coursework will help law enforcement officers recognize threat cues while also understanding the science behind them.

Special Events

Besides doing demonstrations, VirTra’s will be holding a raffle where three GOAT Guns will be available as prizes! Stop by our booth for a chance to take one of these miniature die cast model rifles home with you.

If you are interested in scheduling personal time for a demonstration with our product specialists and industry SMEs, contact us. We’ll see you on January 17-20 at Booth #30009! You can also find our V-100® at the Action Target booth – Booth #12816.

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