Posted on Mar. 1, 2022 by Niki Nelson

For yet another year, VirTra will be attending ILEETA 2022 to meet with clients and prospects. VirTra will provide attendees with demonstrations of our technology as well as two presentations by some of our in-house experts. The conference takes place on March 14-19 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Some of the technology we will be bringing includes:

The first presentation will occur in suite Midway 6 on Monday at 10:00 am. It will be led by Nicole Florisi, a law enforcement subject matter expert and developer of VirTra’s curriculum. It is titled “Empathy vs. Compassion: Which is a More Effective Tool for Law Enforcement?” and goes over important lessons in police communication.

The second presentation is in room Grand B on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. The presenter is Lon Bartel, VirTra’s Director of Training & Curriculum. The course is called “Time to Step Up Our Game: What We Can Learn from Athletic Training” and goes over fascinating links between athlete and law enforcement training.

You can find our V-300 in the Midway 11 suite and visit us for additional information at Booth #205. If you are interested in scheduling a demonstration, contact us. We hope to see you there!

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